Sunday, January 3, 2010

Woooooawooooo Sweet Child of Mine

I have that song stuck in my head, but I don't know any of the other words. My husband and I just sang the entire song by substituting na na na naaaaaa in place of the lyrics. Nice, huh?

Today was a busy day of packing for our big trip to Indiana.

In the afternoon, our friend Jess came over to chill with us. She just got back from Indiana yesterday. We visit in shifts. :D

We caught up and played with my new camera.

Jess pretended to be a hardened criminal.


And, I, the maniacal prisoner.


Afterwards, we came back and made spaghetti and salad. Our last dinner in Cali for a week!



Ryan joined in the photography by snapping a pic of his food, too.


Jess is gone now. I sent her home with a bunch of perishables in our fridge. We'll be gone for 8 days and the produce and yogurt won't last that long. Enjoy J!

I really should take down our Christmas tree. But, I've decided to be lazy instead. So... I'm about to make a hot cup of cocoa and curl up with a book. I'm reading the third book in the Dark Tower series.

Goodnight all!



  1. I love the new camera. You know I'm going to want to play with it more! Oh yes, thanks for the food and clothes. Jasmine's Closet is my new favorite clothing store =)

  2. The spaghetti looks tempting! My stomach is now grumbling. Enjoy your vacation!


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