Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Improv: Lemon Chicken Spaghetti

It's my last big made-from-scratch dinner before school starts.

Once school starts back up (Monday), made-from-scratch dinners are a bit less frequent. Time becomes a precious commodity around here during the school year.

This pasta was completely improvised, but very tasty.

Jasmine's Lemon Chicken Spaghetti


-1 box whole wheat spaghetti
-5 cut-up chicken tenderloins (probably the equivalent of two large breasts)
-10 fresh lemons (or 3/4 cup lemon juice)
-the zest of one lemon
-fresh mushrooms
-organic grape tomatoes
-a couple handfuls of fresh spinach
-1/2 cup EVOO
-two chopped cloves of garlic
-cooking spray (for the chicken)
-salt and pepper to taste

Zest one lemon into a large bowl. Squeeze all but one lemon into the bowl. Set aside.

Brown the chicken, using a small amount of salt and pepper to taste. When the chicken is brown, turn the pan on low. Prepare pasta per directions, drain. While pasta is cooking, add a small amount of oil to the skillet to brown the chopped garlic and mushrooms. Once the garlic and mushrooms are brown, add in the lemon mixture. Once the juice begins to bubble, add all remaining vegetables and cover for 5 minutes, or until the spinach wilts.

Toss remaining EVOO with spaghetti until coated thoroughly. Pour lemon chicken sauce over pasta and serve. Squeeze final lemon over the pasta to finish.

Can you believe it took 10 lemons to make this pasta?! It was so fresh. A winner, for sure. Sorry this picture didn't turn out well.

Backing up a bit, here's my mid-afternoon snacky.

I bought this parsley hummus at the market yesterday. Very tasty. They make it in the store. You can buy it by the pound. Just what I needed to hear... Ugh! lol...

Well friends, it's Friday night! I'm about to go chill with my favorite person. I hope you're spending your night with people you absolutely adore.

Don't forget the contest. Enter to win Exotic Fruit Bars from my new favorite market.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, I have to try this.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your food looks amaziiiing! And not to mention really pretty and photogenic! I'll definitely be popping by to try some out again and again and again! x)


  3. That pasta sounds really delicious, and if I had a bunch of lemons I'd want to make it tonight. I love lemon in pasta for some reason. It reminds me of summer.

  4. You pasta dish looks delicious. Sometimes improvised recipes are the best!

  5. hmm your lemon spaghetti looks fabulous my dear!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  6. lemon and pasta is such a wonderful, simple, combo. one of the first recipes i ever learned was nigella's lemon pasta but it had a ton of cream.

  7. The pasta looks delicious. It sounds refreshing! I'm wondering if it would be a good cold pasta salad? Will have to try it :)


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