Friday, January 30, 2009

My Bachelorette Party -- Info and Shirts!

The Bride's Dinner and Party

The Bride's LADIES!!!! (LADIES ONLY)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where? Jack's in La Jolla

We will meet at the Del Mar Inn. Then we'll carpool to Jack's, where we will have dinner and dance the night away!

Dress: We would like everyone to dress alike. We will be wearing jeans
and black tops. I'll be spearheading the Bachelorette Shirts, either
tees or tank tops. They will be black with silver writing (see attached
for samples of the shirts). You will have the opportunity to choose a name
or nickname for the back of your shirt.

If you choose not to purchase a shirt, that's okay!!! But, we do hope
you decide to join us in jeans and a black top of your choosing.
Please note, some clubs in San Diego do not allow rips or tears in
jeans, even "fashion" rips.

Bachelorette Party Shirts:


I forgot to figure in tax for the shirts & also the letters on the back are 30 cents, not 15 like I was first told. The 30 cents per letter will not be taxed.

Anyway, here are the updated prices!

Tanks: $11.50 after tax + 30 cents per letter (for nickname on back)
Sizes: S - 2XL (For 2XL add $1.00)

Tees: $10.70 + 30 cents per letter (for nickname on back)
Sizes: S - XL


It appears as though I will be charged additional fees if you decide to pay me by credit or debit card through my Paypal account. If you actually have a registered Paypal account and pay me through your registered account name, then I should not be charged additional fees. This being said, it might be easiest to just send me a check.


I will be collecting orders until FRIDAY, FEBUARY 6th. Please notify me with your shirt order (tee or tank, size & nickname) and have your check in the mail BY Friday at the latest!

For sizing, please visit Bella's website & click on the link at the
bottom under Customer Service that reads "sizing charts".

Please contact me (Jess Gago, first with your choice of tank or tee, size, and nickname choice. I will email you back with a subtotal. After you
receive your total, please send a check to the address below.

You can make checks payable to:
Jessica Gago
2200 W. Sudbury Dr. Apt. D-15
Bloomington, IN 47403

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures from Jack's - the Bride's Party Venue

Hey guys,
Amanda, friends and I checked out Jack's in La Jolla. It's where we plan to go for my bride's night to dine, drink and dance. Cool place. The wedding is SIX WEEKS from tomorrow y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Anyone Else As Excited As I Am???!!!

Doesn't this photo just make you smile?! That is going to be OUR president!

I am so excited for this inauguration. I keep thinking about how proud I am to say I was here in this time, and I voted. I helped this country make a difference. We made a real choice using the collective voices that have been here, yet unheard, for so long. I keep imagining these moments making their way into the history books, and I can say to my children, "Yes, I was here. I was an ever so small part of that history." It's just so cool.

I emailed my dad this morning to celebrate, and he signed off his email with words I think are perfect for this situation, and also, for this day, so I'll leave you with them:

"Hope springs eternal."