Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Anyone Else As Excited As I Am???!!!

Doesn't this photo just make you smile?! That is going to be OUR president!

I am so excited for this inauguration. I keep thinking about how proud I am to say I was here in this time, and I voted. I helped this country make a difference. We made a real choice using the collective voices that have been here, yet unheard, for so long. I keep imagining these moments making their way into the history books, and I can say to my children, "Yes, I was here. I was an ever so small part of that history." It's just so cool.

I emailed my dad this morning to celebrate, and he signed off his email with words I think are perfect for this situation, and also, for this day, so I'll leave you with them:

"Hope springs eternal."




  2. LOL, someone is promoting!

    You're dad is awesome. and so is Mr. Obama!


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