Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colts! Colts! Colts! And... a Yummy Lunch

Good afternoon all... If you haven't guessed, we're about to watch the Colts beat the Ravens. Let the games begin!!!

This morning, as you know, I got a little work done over at Starbux. Around 1pm, I decided I was ravenous and didn't want junk food (Yes, I consider Starbucks food "junk." Their coffee is my own personal crack, but that's another story.)... So, I walked home, trailing my little red laptop briefcase behind me.

I threw together some leftovers. They made for a fab and filling lunchie.

I think I definitely need to invest in a few new plates and dishes, huh? You guys probably get pretty bored of all my food looking the same...

After the Colts woop some Raven booty, Ryan and I are going to do something. We don't know what yet. Possibly visit this new little market up the street if it's still open (it will be like 8pm, so I'm not sure), or try out this pool hall we've been meaning to go to for a long time now. Either way, should be a good night. I'll update and let you know what goes down.

Enjoy your Saturday, friends!!!



  1. Great looking lunch! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon :)

  2. Loveee brussel sprouts :)
    such a pretty pic of your meal as well!

  3. Oh, I love Starbucks. I can get almost anything done at that place.


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