Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five-Alarm Vegetable Curry

Tonight I had the best curry I've ever tasted... And, I made it!!!

This afternoon, after the Colts beat the Jets (of course), I hit up the 99 Cent Story and my new favorite, the Vine Ripe Market. As usual, lots of deals were found.

Between the two stores, I purchased the following:

-Chicken Broth, flavored and regular low sodium
-FANTASTIC ground chicken patties

-soy chorizo
-Dry onion soup mix
-Can of tomatoes
-Can of tomato sauce
-green beans, canned
-fresh mushrooms
-grape tomatoes
-can of mushroom soup (for the crockpot!)
-HUGH JAS bag of fresh spinach
-cheese sticks
-turkey sausage patties (Ryan loves these)
-1 Liter EVOO
-nonfat yogurt, plain
-sour cream
-plastic baggies
-pasta wand
-cocoa butter lotion
-and a cool new plate to make my bloggy pics more interesting

I also bought some amazing Curry seasoning at the Market.

Okay. Seriously, it's time to gush. This stuff is AMAZING. FANTASTIC. I know, I know... It's a box of seasoning. But really... it's so good!

I used 3 tablespoons, which in hindsight was one tablespoon too much. (It recommends 2-3 tablespoons.) My mix included green cauliflower, green beans, peas, tofu, and chicken. (Ryan picks out the chicken, and I pick out the tofu.) I served it over brown rice.


Seriously, though, this dish set me on FIRE!!!! So what's a girl to do when her tongue's on fire?

Eat ice cream. Obviously.

Vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with some almond butter. I nuked the butta in the microwave for better drizzling action.

Holy Yum!

I think these are the final pics from the photo shoot. (At least the ones worth editing.) You can view other photos from the shoot here and here. This is all the pics... I promise... I think... :D

It says "Dream." Can you read it?

I'm about to curl up on the couch with  hubby. See you tomorrow!

Do you enjoy spicy curry? Do you cook ethnic foods or stick to traditional American fare?

Don't forget the Contest. Enter here.


  1. hey thanks for stopping by my blog! i have to tell you, your story is INCREDIBLE! you are such an inspiration. those are some gorgeous pics too! love that necklace, dream is one of my favorite one word phrases, it just captures so much meaning in one little word!

  2. wow that curry sounds awesome!! you look so gorgeous in the picture, ilove the necklace!

  3. You are such a beauty, Jasmine.

    Speaking of beauty, I like your new blog setup.

    I always love curry. Now that we are in Thailand, I am in spice heaven. The grocery store sells really cool Thail spice kits with lemongrass, red peppers, shallots, basil leaves, and ginger. Woot!

  4. I love curry, but always cut way back on the spice! I'm such a baby when it comes to spicy things...can't handle the heat! :mrgreen:

  5. Love what you did with the butter. Yum yum yum.

  6. Yeah, that ice cream looks amazing. Of course it's the only way to cool off your mouth! I do love me some spicy foods but I think my limit is: when I can't taste anything except burning in my mouth, it's too spicy.

  7. I love spicy food! So that curry sounds right up my alley!!

  8. i used to like curry, but i got food poisoning (eek!) from a bad i stick the masala now!

    The Paris Food Blague

  9. Wow, you scored a lot of great stuff!
    I'm not a major spicy fan - I like mustard spicy, like wasabi. I'm a fan of chipotle, also - I made some chipotle bean burritos last night that were AWESOME!

  10. thanx so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!!!!! xxx

  11. I've never had it, but it looks awesome!

  12. I hear you on the buying new plate for blog food pictures. I have been doing the same thing. I recently figured out Good Will and Salvation Army are perfect places to look. Most dishes are under a dollar and I don't need a full set. Just one or two. For some reason I'm drawn to the blue dishes. They always make the food look pretty.


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