Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm and Toasty

It never rains in California, my butt...

It's FREEZING today. Okay, not actually, since I live in California. But... it's really cold and rainy!!!

After a very chilly walk home from the gym, I needed to warm up.

Peanut Butter Oats

I use natural crunchy peanut butter on the bottom. I like to put it in first because it gets all melty from the oatmeal. Yum. Just what the doctor ordered for this chilly Tuesday.

After my warm breakfast, I still wasn't warm, so I made cocoa.

I use the instant packets. No sugar added. I have a love-hate relationship with these cocoas. The no-sugar added tends to be clumpy no matter how much you stir.

Still, it was a big mug of chocolate wonderful. Don't you love my big Guinness mug? It's my favorite, even though I've never tasted Guinness in my life. It's leftover from Ryan's college days. :)

Do you have a favorite mug? What's your go-to warm up beverage?

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  1. Girl I think you are a genius for putting the peanut butter on the bottom! I'm always wanting mine to be warm and melted. DUH.

    I've been drinking a lot of vanilla rooibos tea lately. YUM! :)

  2. I have a mug with my initial on it that I love...guess I'm a narcissist :-)

    Mmmmm...can't beat a soy latte for getting warmed up in the winter months!

  3. Oh yeah we have the vanilla rooibos tea at Starbucks! It is simply amazing. I love all of my new Starbucks mugs, btw :) I have one picked out that I want to buy myself for a special occasion... maybe valentine's day :)

    FYI dude, if you make your diet hot cocoa on the stove top, heat up the milk and stir in the packet, it tends to clump less.

  4. They are some great looking oats!
    I turn to tea as my warm up drink :)

  5. I definitely like to warm up with some flavored tea, or Dunkin Donut's hot chocolate:)

  6. Gah, I'm a mug-o-holic! I have SO many, and about 10 of them are my favorites! Being a teacher, I receive a lot of them for gifts, so many of them are sentimental.

    My go to warm up beverage is coffee or tea. I also drink hot water ALL DAY LONG because I'm always, always, always cold. :-)

  7. i agree - weird to have rain all day in cali. thunderstormed too!!!


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