Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strip Tease and Breakfast (In that Order)

Nothing gets your heart pumping for the day like a good strip tease.

As previously noted, I started this morning off with Carmen Electra's Aerobic Strip Tease.

This workout is okay. Just okay. I definitely don't feel like I just ran a few miles or anything. Plus, there is nothing LESS sexy than attempting to do a strip tease alone in your living room at 7am. I'm just saying. :)

My breakfast was a Guinness mug of Cocoa with a splash of skim and a Food for Life english muffin with PB&J. Grape Jelly. It's really the only kind.

However, I saw on Kath's blog this morning something about Cranberry Jelly that tastes like cranberry relish... Um... Somebody needs to hook a blogger up. That's serious stuff. I want, I want!!!

Ok, I'm about to get down to work. I hope your day is going well. It's Thursday!!! My last week of winter break is almost over. :(

What's your favorite jelly flavor?


  1. I laughed out load about your strip tease experience. Maybe it should come with a only after 3:00pm lable.

    I don't eat jelly that often. But I love it. And I love all the weird flavors that come from being one generation off the farm, elderberry, persimmon, quince, and the all time favorite wild grape.

    If you like grape, you would love wild grape. It has even more flavor and the color is super dark. My grandma used to make it and serve slices of buttered toast with this jelly smeared on top.

    Which reminds me, my grandma didn't call it jelly she simply called it smear. I'd forgotten all about that.

  2. Hey! I gotta say I think raspberry (with seeds) is my favorite. Although I do love a good jalapeno jelly. Sounds weird buts its ssoo good. Have an awesome day!


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