Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lookin Like a Fool with Yo Pants on the Ground

If you missed American Idol last night, you really missed out!!! There was a 62-year-old man on there who had made up his own song called Pants on the Ground. It was Fabulous... Hilarious... I loved it!

Ryan and I absolutely love music, and we like to laugh. The American Idol auditions are the perfect combination for that. We giggle like fools when the crazy people come on there, and then, when someone gets on there that can really rock the house, we both grin like fools because a smooth voice is music to our souls. :D

This morning started early with a fantastic breakfast sandwich. Take this McDonalds. A veggie patty on an Ezekiel English Muffin with a smidge of cheese. This little breakfast sammy comes to about 285 calories, and it's full of fiber. 9 grams to be exact.

So tasty. The only downfall to these veggie patties is the sodium content. But, all things in moderation.

I have a very busy day ahead. I'm about to write a few articles. I'm hoping to be working out to Denise Austin by 9am.

Does anyone else do Denise Austin videos? She's a wee bit on the annoying side with her "You can do it's"... but... I dont' know... there's just something I love about those 80s style videos.

What's your favorite workout video?


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