Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm sitting on the floor vampire'ing an outlet next to a whole bunch of other people doing the same.

I didn't sleep well (excitement!), so this morning was hectic. I had a quick bowl of oatmeal and then I had to finish up a bunch of "things" before we made our way to the airport. It's funny how there are so many "things" to take care of when you're going out of town.

As soon as we got through security, I had to have my fix.



Green Tea Latte (non-fat, no syrup). Obviously.

They are about to start boarding us. Can you believe this is the first time Ryan and I have ever flown together? We've both flown alot since moving to Cali, yet never together. Yippee!!!

It will be pretty late when we get in Indiana time. I think our flight lands at 11:35. Then, we need to meet up with his dad to borrow his cadillac for our stay in Indiana. He's letting us use it instead of getting a rental car. Cool, yes?!!!

See you later!!!


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