Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(Leftover) Southwestern Tilapia Salad Sandwich

I think this might be the most beautiful use of leftovers yet...

This morning went by really quickly, and I managed to be very productive. My green monster held me until about 10 when I started craving my favorite sweet and savory combination:

Apples + Pepperjack = YUM

After my snack, I worked until around 12:40, when I broke for a longer break. I have a rule about lunch.

Thou shalt not eat lunch at thy desk.

Any other meal is okay. I even eat dinner at my desk sometimes when I have a deadline or something. But, lunch, no. Lunch is a time to relax. Even if it's only 20 minutes.

Lunch today was a creative use of yesterday's dinner. I combined the remaining half of my Coconut-encrusted Tilapia with a bit of salsa to create a southwestern tilapia salad.


I'm out of sandwich thins, so I used a toasted Ezekiel Muffin. This was really tasty, but way too filling. My aim was to have a big lunch, since my dinner will be small and rushed (class tonight). I could only eat half of the sammy.

I also warmed up the remaining shellie beans. I definitely ate all of those! And, all my maters, too.

The whole spread:

Yes, that's a fairly large lunch, but I need something that will keep me full for a while. I only have a 15 minute break between my lecture, which starts at 5:30, and my lab which runs from 7-10pm. I needed to pack something that would fit in my school bag, and would be a very quick scarf.

So, what I came up with was a half PB&J on the Darnizky bread (these slices are huge), two cuties, and a mix of pretzels and Kashi Honey Sunshine. I figure I can put the mix in my pocket and steal bites during my Chemistry Lab.

I know this isn't the best dinner, but I drew a blank on ideas. Wednesday nights are the only night I'll need to do this. Basically, I need something that's filling enough to get me through 5 hours of school and will fit in my bag. Nothing messy.

Any suggestions?

Last chance on the contest. It ends tonight. I'll announce the winner in the morning.


  1. I'm droooooooling over your sandwich.

    And when I need to pack foods for school I usually bring things like peanuts, Larabars, just little snacks that I can munch on over time. I'm really bad at meals away from home.

  2. Yummy coconut encrusted tilapia! When I used to have night classes, I always brought snacks, some kind of protein bar, salty treat, and some kind of veggie stick with hummus, or something like that. :)

  3. YUMMY lunch!

    I have an award for you over at Angie's Appetite :)

  4. I just started eating apples again because I found out I wasn't allergic if I microwaved them. I need to try them with cheese ASAP. Totally forgot about it :)

  5. I've been having the same issues lately, of trying to find packable lunches (in your case, dinners!) that are (A) filling (B) healthy and (C) non-messy! It can be tricky!

    Last week I made a black bean & quinoa, mexican style dish that was absolutely delicious the night before and great for leftovers too. I didn't have to reheat it (tasted great cold!) and it didn't make noise when I ate it either.

    I've also been on a hummus sandwich kick. That's always nice and portable too! :D

    Worst comes to worse, I throw random grains, veggies and beans together and call it a meal. With a fruit and a cheesestick, it's pretty balanced and filling too! :D

  6. I have the same situation on Thursday nights. I try to eat a big and veggie heavy lunch at home and then pack a sandwich, fruit, yogurt meal for my supper.

  7. Oh my goodness. I just stumbled upon your blog and can't believe the transformation you've made- I'm actually hoping to make a similar one myself.

    I'm definitely looking forward to following your blog!


  8. Nothing beats a good, trusty-rusty sandwich. And you coconut-encrusted tilapia looks yummm-o!


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