Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday is the New Saturday

I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning.

At first, I thought... Oh, I'll just do a workout DVD... then, I thought, oh... I'll just walk/run on my lunch break... then, it was, well... I'll just walk to the store and carry back the groceries...

Before I knew it, it was 9:40. Tsk tsk. Luckily, my friend called in crisis mode. (Well, not lucky for her, but you know what I mean.) Her text message literally said Heeeeeeeeeelp. Her next one said, "Can we go on a walk or a hike? I need to talk."

So, it looks like life isn't letting me out of my workout today. Helping out a good friend is also important. (Didn't want you guys to think I'm coooold.)

Currently, I'm rushing to get my work done since I was a lazy bum most of the morning.

True to my bum-ness, I made breakfast in my fuzzy slippers.

I'm also wearing my favorite silky pajama pants that Ryan says are the ugliest things he's ever seen. They're paisley. I love paisley. What do men know?!?

My breakfast was simple. I wanted bland today. Sometimes, a Plain Jane Breakfast hits the spot.

Scrambled egg beaters with a bit of sea salt and two slices of honey whole wheat toast with unsalted butter. I didn't want jelly or anything. I don't know why. Just sounded good to me.

Ok, so I  have alot to do today on top of my unexpected friend excursion, so let's see if I can do it. Root me on. I'm a hopeless slacker sometimes. :D

To Do:

- Blog my Breakfast
- Booklet Project for Client
- Editing for another Client
- Work on Move and Write buttons for my blog.
- Work on Query Package for my Meetings with Agents/Editors (Jan 29th - Holy Macaroni!!!)
- Friend Chat/Walk
- Go to the Grocery Store
- Make hubby dinner ahead of time because... (see next item)
- Meet Bookclub Ladies tonight for dinner and to discuss Skipping Christmas

Ok, I could probably keep going, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed. Here I go!!!

Do you make To-Do Lists? Do they help you? Do you get satisfaction marking things off?


  1. Snap, I really didn't wanna get up this morning too.


  2. I love making To Do Lists! I prefer to write them down and then cross things off when they are completed. Such a feeling of satisfaction! I also have a task list in Outlook, but checking them off electronically just isn't as much fun as crossing something out.

  3. I am the queen of lists girl! Thank goodness for my blackberry. I have normal stuff like grocery lists but I also have my Christmas list for stuff to get ppl next Christmas... Bad. But hey it works! :)

    What kind of slippers are those?!

  4. I LOVE your blog. I just stumbled upon it.

    Fuzzy slippers are great :)

  5. Yes!!! Otherwise I would get nothing done. I have this issue, maybe adult ADD :), where I get distracted easily doing other things that need to get done. Sometimes I go for hours doing other things and don't get around to the ones I was supposed to be doing that day. So I have to have a list so I can keep track.


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