Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coconut-Encrusted Tilapia and More Yams!!!

Waste not, want not. This is the Eat Move Write credo.

So, as you know, I made yam fries for lunch.

Since Ryan had cooked the burgers the night before, I only needed to warm mine up. It shared a tray with the yams in the sauna.

I even got to use my new plate.

The yams were the obvious stars of the show.

After lunch, I had alot of writing to do, so the afternoon went really quick. Before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Ryan from work. Did I mention that drive is an hour round trip? Yeah... about that...

Dinner tonight was by candlelight, and not just any candle. My creme brulee candle... I like my candles to smell like things that are far too caloric for me to eat on a regular basis. Smells however are completely calorie free! :D

About dinner... It was scrumptious.

Coconut-encrusted tilapia with a side of shellie beans (love) and the leftover yam fries. The fries were a bit mushy since I didn't take the time to re-bake them. Still, I try to always use up my leftovers if I can.

About that tilapia... Yum! We love tilapia. We try to eat fish pretty regularly, but right now I'm avoiding tuna and salmon because we're trying for a baby. I know there are lots of other fishies in the sea, but pretty much those three are our favs.

Everything was delicious, but the shellie beans stole the show.


See... I grew up eating shellie beans. My gram and gramps had a garden, and they canned them for the winter months. So we were spoiled. Fresh shellie beans all year around. Here in Cali, they are impossible to find -- even canned. I found these at the 99 cent store. Go figure!

Now, I'm about to study some chemistry. I have class tomorrow from 5:30-10pm! That's a loooong day!

What was/is your favorite subject in school? Mine is definitely not chemistry or anything math-related. I love health and writing classes (of course). I also have always loved history, psychology, and sociology.

Tomorrow is the last day for the contest. Enter here.


  1. Favorite subject in school right now would be Nutrition Counseling. I'm with you on it NOT being chemistry related subjects. ;)

  2. Wow that's a long class! I love your plate...but food even more so!! Is that ketchup - I douse my stuff in ketchup :( eeps....Are you in school now ? I have to back track through your blog and find out more!! What are you studying? Ahhh - school feels like forever ago! My favorite subject - hah!! who knows...anatomy probably, most functional.

    And thank you so much for writing me!! I look forward to hearing from you ;)...I hope this goes through, I haven't been able to post on blogspot lately...arghh!

  3. Chemistry is my foe. And lucky me, I get to take another course in it this summer! But it's hard for me to pick a favorite class this semester. I like anything that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil.

  4. I'm a Psychology major so aside from that, I've always loved English and Science. And those yam fries are yumm-o. ;)

  5. So excited to hear that you are trying for a baby!!! Yay! :)


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