Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Food, Double Shot of Starbucks, and A LOT of Pictures

You know you're addicted when you hit up Starbucks twice in one day.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I started off my morning with a PB&J Food for Life Muffin.

English Muffins = Love

After that, we set out for our busy day.

Today, we had a photoshoot. I'm preparing for some meetings next week that will require me to have "after" shots. Therefore, we put my nifty Nikon D3000 to good use. Having avoided the camera the first 23 or so years of my life, I've always been a little camera shy. I'm not one that can do "faces" well and trying to smile for the camera more than a fleeting moment makes me feel like my face is going to crack.

However, somehow my hubby brings out the inner model in me. Or atleast my smile.

Yes, that's a real train going by.

He even got some silly faces out of me. Ask my friends... This is usually impossible.

Pouty face.

He said, "You just won a million dollars!"

And, the one emotion my hubby can always bring out of me...

Joy   :)

After all this modelling work, I was ravenous. (Some model, I'd make, huh? lol) We stopped in a cafe, and I ordered a soup and pasta salad combo. The soup was chicken noodle. Everything else had beef in it, and I don't eat red meat. The pasta salad was NOT what I expected.

Um. Who biggie-sized my salad?

I ordered soup with a "side" of pasta salad. I'm confused here... lol And, it wasn't even good. I ate like 5 bites of the salad. The soup was good, though. Warmed me up. It was a chilly day here in La Mesa.

Then, it was time for an outfit change. By this time, of course, I was humming "I'm a model, ya know what I mean..." I wish I was kidding. It was really, truly stuck in my head all day long.

I didn't love most of the pics from our second location/outfit, but here are a couple anyway.

Here's Ryan during our second trip to Starbucks for the day. (Hey, a girl's gotta go to the bathroom, somewhere, right?!)

He takes his iphone very seriously.

We ventured out to Coronado Island for our last few pics.

It's ridiculous to me that I live here.

And, a candid from a third location in the same outfit.

Are you tired of seeing my mug yet?!?

After our photoshoot, we went to Best Buy (aka Ryan's Disney Land) to get my new Blackberry Curve (love) a jacket. She was cold.

Dinner was last night's meal retooled, and an apple.

I added a jar of fire-roasted tomato sauce to last night's lemon chicken spaghetti. It was like a completely new meal. Love when you can stretch your meals like that. Good on the wallet AND the tum tum. :-D

That's all for my Saturday! Sorry I only posted once. I suppose I could have posted from hubby's I-phone, but I completely forgot. It's hard being a model, you know...

Do you like having your picture taken?

Other Stuff

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  1. i can't tell you how
    excited i was to see your post and comment!
    thank you so much.
    your photos are lovely,
    i especially liked the first one
    (but not because of the sbux drink) ;)
    it's a great shot of you!
    i work at sbux actually so i can
    attest to the statement that
    you're not alone in the multiple
    visits to the cafe in a day!
    the double shot is worth it though.
    if you want a special treat,
    ask for a pump or two of
    white mocha instead of classic
    in your double shot.
    have a good day tomorrow!

  2. you have no idea how excited i was
    to see your comment and post today!
    thank you so much.
    your photos are lovely,
    the first one especially caught my eye
    (and no,
    not because of the sbux drink!) ;)
    it's a beautiful shot.
    i work at sbux actually,
    so i can attest to the fact that
    you're not the only one making
    multiple trips into the store!
    plus it's worth it for the double shot.
    if you want a special treat,
    ask for a pump or two of white mocha
    instead of classic.
    have a good day tomorrow

  3. You got some great pictures in. Plus, you are so pretty, so it's no wonder the camera loves you. Also, I cannot believe the quality of the pictures. I am kind of blown away. Now I am definitely thinking I'd like to get myself a camera like that... wowza. Oh and excuse me, but why didn't you stop into my Starbucks? I was working all day!

  4. No I'm not tired of seeing your pictures. I love the black and white one, very artistic :)Your husband is a great photographer (and has a beautiful model to photograph)
    I never used to like having photos taken, there aren't many of me as a teenager (mainly due to the ED) so now I don't mind so much.


  5. Those pictures are gorgeous! I wish my hubs could take pictures of me like that!

  6. Love the pictures!! I hate having my picture taken- I always end up with a stupid look on my face and then I wonder if I just look like that all the time haha

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    What an inspiring woman you are, incredible...You can be really proud and you look beautiful in those pictures!

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  8. Love Starbucks! When I used to work there, we actually had one customer who (I kid you not) would get 7 venti frappuccinos . . . before noon!!!! He'd be there at 5:30AM, right when we opened and just keep coming in. Craziness!

  9. not sure. and DANG GIRL, STARBUX TWICE!? how did you not pee ever five minutes! (that's what caffeine does to me...uhh funny story about that if you want to hear it.)

    hmm. you are so beautiful! haha i'm camera shy. that's why it's hard for me to put of pictures of myself! i had/have lowish self esteem about my looks (and it's coupled by like it seems like NO GUYS LIKE ME (unless i'm really dense?))
    anyways, too much about me! you are gorgeous (DUHH) and you are a MODEL love the candids. i love those.

  10. You're so adorable jazzy!!! Can I keep you in my pocket? lol.

    I loved this, so cute

    and yes, i like to get my pix taken :p


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