Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cheapest Produce EVER!!!

Vine Ripe Market in La Mesa is where it's at.

Hey guys!!! So... as you can guess from my headers, I swung by the grocery store today. We have a new Meditteranean Market up the street, which I think I've talked about before. I've gone twice now, but never had the time (or the car) to really do some shopping. Tonight, I dropped Ryan off at the gym and hit up the market. They have the CHEAPEST PRODUCE EVER. Really. It's amazing.

In the rush to get dinner on the table. I completely forgot to take pics of the goods. I will next time. Promise.

So, backing up a bit, I wrote a million articles today for one of my SEO companies. Around 3pm, I broke for a quick bowl of Fiber One Raisin Bran. Love it.

Dinner was quick because we got home so late. Annie's Shells n Cheese and salads.

Our salads included:
-lettuce trio (pre-chopped in a bag)
-garbanzo beans
-fresh chopped mushrooms
-cheese (unpictured, decided to add it later)

If you're thinking that wasn't enough food for the man, you're right.

Ryan also had a tuna melt on a whole wheat sandwich thin. (In this picture, he's putting the other half of the tuna salad in his lunch box for tomorrow.) Sorry I didn't take a pic of his dinner melt. Didn't even think about it.

Why didn't I have tuna? Glad you asked.

Two reasons:
1) I hate mayo. I do NOT eat it at all.
2) We're trying to get pregnant, so I'm avoiding foods like tuna and salmon. :D

That brings me to tonight's question...
Is there a food you absolutely WILL NOT eat? Why?


  1. I won't touch macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti. Its like the 'root of all evil' to me when it comes to empty calories. lol

  2. I just realized you had cheese shells posted just now HAHAHHAHAHA i missed that

  3. I will try most foods, to be honest!

  4. i know! but it takes a long time, and i keep telling myself that. IT WILL TAKE TIME. =D thanks for your comfort in that regard.

    yayya. you liked the workout? try it! =D
    something i won't touch: pasta. or....PEAS. i HATE peas.

  5. Char - Actually, spaghetti and Annie's make my blog pretty often. Spaghetti is like a once a week meal around here! :D

  6. Fingers crossed for you getting pregnant, that's so exciting.
    I don't eat indian or spicy foods, I just can't stand the heat and am always scared of trying those type of meals.


  7. Lamb...blech. Mostly any meat that is not chicken, beef, or pork. What else is there you ask? Here in Alaska there is a million different answers to that question...elk, deer, rabbit, moose, buffalo, etc. I do eat fish though.

    Oh...and donuts. I haven't had a donut in years! I remember them tasting good but holy fried calories batman I don't need to add it to my a$$ :)


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