Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a SOUPer Day

Warm bowl of soup, Maria Carey on Pandora, and a storm raging outside.

It's been a busy morning, and it's shaping into a VERY busy afternoon. I have a 7pm deadline today. EEK!

Lunch was lovely. Spent finishing The Wastelands (S. King) and eating a warm bowl of soup since I sent hubby with all of last night's leftover pork roast.

Tasty soup. Especially when you're watching your MSGs. :p

I served my soup with a sliced organic apple and a pepperjack cheesestick.

The combination of apples and cheese is a favorite of mine. I break the cheese in little pieces and make sure each bite includes cheese and apple.

No, I didn't have beer for lunch. I had green tea in my hubby's Hoegaarden glass. It's a day of beer glasses apparantly. What can you expect from someone who started the day with a strip tease?

Do you use internet radio?

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