Monday, January 18, 2010

I Am Thankful for the Right to Marry My Husband

Forty-three years ago, my marriage would have been a crime.

Thanks to fighters like Martin Luther King Jr., I had the right to marry my wonderful husband. This right was not made into law until 1967. I am so grateful. If you're off today, take a moment to remember the reason. Happy MLK Jr Day!

This morning, I hit the gym bright and early. My plan was to swing by the new Vine Ripe market on my way home. I'd hoped to be back by 9am, but when I looked at my phone as I was leaving the market, it was already 9! So... the morning got a bit of a late start. I just couldn't help myself from walking up and down every aisle. That place is amazing!

When I finally made it home, I had a breakfast you're already familiar with...

You'll be glad to know that this was the last veggie patty in the box. Seriously. I need to get ahold of myself.

In the background, you'll see my only purchase from the Vine Ripe market. I'm making Lemon-Spinach Pasta tonight. YUM YUM.

Lunch was boring. I'm out of food for the most part.

I found a can of Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup in the back of my cabinet. I paired it with a piece of toast with jam and an organic apple. I read my bookclub book during lunch. I'm more than half way through already!

Check out the adorable pic I'm using as a bookmark.

Lol!!! That's a 16-year-old version of my hubby! Is he not Rico Suave or what? :D His parents gave me this pic while we were home in Indiana.

I'm about to knock out some articles. I hope you're all having a wonderful day, off or not.



  1. Happy Martin Luther King day. The accomplishments of Dr. King are unbelievable and hard to fathom. Your husband is so cute (haha that picture is adorable!)
    We're so out of food too!!

  2. What a wonderful post :) haha and that photo is too funny - I just found a heap of young Mr BBB ones the other day which had me giggling for hours :)

  3. Can't wait to see the lemon spinach pasta! Sounds delicious. What a great post... :)

  4. I love your very honest post(s), so we get to know you! I hope you both enjoy this day!

  5. I LOVE your blog! Beautiful pictures, beautiful words. Thanks for stopping by mine, it led me to yours! Can't wait to read more.

    And that picture of your husband is so fantastic...


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