Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Groceries, Green Monsters and Gab Fests

Ever so often, you have to take a moment to enjoy the good things in life that start with a G.

My good friend, Jess, came over today to talk, walk, and take me to the grocery store. (I'm still car-less since the accident, and it's hard to carry groceries so far.)

To save time, we drove to Vons and parked there. Then, we walked around the neighborhood by the grocery store. It was new scenery. Cool beans.

I grabbed a whole bunch of grocery goodness, and we came back to the house to have Green Monsters...

My Green Monster included:
- 1 whole banana
- 1 ice cube
- about 3/4 cup skim milk
- a couple handfuls of raw red leaf spinach

Yum :)

Can you tell how awkward I feel when someone takes a picture of me? That's carry over from being 350 pounds. I'm working on it, blog friends... I swear. :)

Usually, I include peanut butter in there for satiety, but I forgot. It had a heavy banana taste without the PB. It was a nice change.

As always, our gab fest lasted way too long and now I'm behind on my work. It happens. Now I'm off to continue tackling my to-do list.

Have you joined the Green Monster movement?

See you tonight!


  1. I LOVE green monsters and posted my favourite GM recipe on my blog last week.

    Thanks for your comment today - really glad to have found your blog. Have bookmarked you and will be checking back regularly.

    I see you are working towards becoming a RD. I'm training to be a nutritionist in the UK so we're on similar paths ;-)

  2. I loooove green monsters! So good and refreshing. Definitely not what you'd expect out of a spinach smoothie :)

  3. I am not a big smoothie person. I don't like bananas or carrots in smoothies. Just don't want to drink them. I just got an immersion blender so maybe I'll have to try the green monster. I'm always game to try things once. Who knows? maybe I'll like it. That's how I discovered Greek Yogurt.

  4. And here I thought you meant the Green Monster at Fenway Park;)

  5. That looks (and sounds) pretty good. I've been seeing green smoothies all over but I've yet to try one. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the spinach. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. I've tried my first Green Monster today...I think I'm hooked & can't wait to experiment! You look need to shy away from the camera!

  7. I'm not a smoothie person but I keep seeing this green monster thing you speak of and I will have to try it out. Colin likes smoothies so I keep the fixins on hand.


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