Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spongebob Square Fish?...

I've been a busy worker bee today!

I started off my day with a jet-lag-busting workout. I walked home and attacked the 600 emails in my inbox.

Because we had literally ZERO food in the house, I had to pick something up that I could carry on my way home from the gym. I grabbed a box of mac n cheese and a can of chicken. I threw that together with some leftover mixed veggies in the freezer and I had a yummy lunch.


Yes, it came from a box. Sometimes life requires boxes, microwaves, and drive-thru's. It's just how it is, people. :D

Tonight was another busy one. Right after Ryan came home from work, I dropped him off at the gym so I could use the car to get groceries. An hour and a half later, I picked him back up and we came home to put away groceries and throw together dinner.

Salad and fish. I bought a boxed set of fillets.


Um... Weird. Weird. Weird. SQUARE FISH?!?


Let's just say, you won't be seeing this on Eat Move Write again. lol.

Well... That's all folks!!!!


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  1. Uhm, so I assume the square fish isn't tasty at all? LOL. When we got home after the holidays, we had to contend ourselves with leftovers we brought from my mother's as our ref was totally empty as well.


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