Friday, January 22, 2010

Fried Bologna Sandwiches (and Contest)

Fried bologna isn't your typical blogger food, but then I'm not your typical blogger.

When I was a little girl, my moma cleaned houses on the other side of the river from our little two-stoplight town. Back then, she was a young girl, just a little older than me, who was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. I realize that now, but to me, she was just my beautiful, young moma with all the answers already figured out. In the summer when I wasn't in school, she'd take me with her while she cleaned. Alot of those days, she'd make me fried bologna sandwiches for lunch.

That's her cooking our last dinner when we went home to Indiana earlier this month.

I haven't eaten bologna in years. When I saw Turkey Bologna at the market yesterday, I was smacked with such a wave of nostalgia that I had to buy it.

This was the lowest calorie bologna I've ever seen at 50 cals per slice. I don't eat perfect everyday, but I try to stay balanced. I had my bologna on a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin. I paired my sammy with an organic apple and some "tommy toe" tomatoes, as my grandpa calls them.

My lunch shared the kitchen table with my space heater and my second laptop. Yes, I'm just that busy. I need TWO computers going.

I enjoyed a new book with my lunch.

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 Is there a food that takes you back to childhood? For me, there's lots. Fried bologna is just one.

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  1. I think the food that takes me back to childhood the quickest is a Milky Way bar. My dad used to bring them home from work sometimes. It was a real treat when we were kids. That's great that you were able to make the bologna part of a healthy lunch. I'm not sure there would be a way to do that with candy because that's a food I typically overeat. But I'm inspired by your approach to food - Sue

  2. Hi Sue! That makes me think about how my dad used to bring home juicy fruit gum at night when he got home. He would put it on my pillow because I was always already asleep.

  3. thanks for your comment! my mom always used to make me bologna sammies when i was little(: i love your blog its so great! have an amazing sunday xoxo soph

  4. I've never tried fried bologna before. I'm LOVING your different meals. God knows I love Greek yogurt, but it's nice to see something different and interesting! I would totally eat that!

    Noodles bring me back to childhood...I used to steal a bucket of cooked noodles and eat it with my hands.

  5. Mac n cheese and hot dogs :) I don't get it very often though because it's soooooo fattening. I need to find a low cal version so I can be 'taken back to child hood' more often!


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