Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Monster Morning and Sneak Attack!

There's nothing like a tall, green glass of yum to get your morning off right.

This morning, I woke wanting a monster... So I assembled my weapons.

My Green Monster usually contains:
-1 banana (smallish)
-2 ice cubes
-1 tbsp peanut butter
-about 3/4 cup milk
-bunch o' spinach

After I made mine, I rinsed the cup to make Ryan's. You see... Ryan is afraid of spinach in his smoothie. Does that mean he doesn't get the green stuff in there? Not at all. It just means I have to be vewwy vewwy sneaky.

Nope. No Spinach here. Nothing to see here folks. Move along, move along.

See?... I don't see any spinach in that shake...

he he...

Right after I made his No-Green Green Monster, Ryan came in and snapped a couple shots of me with my little green masterpiece.

Green love... Forgive my lack of makeup. It wasn't even 7am yet.

Do you/would you sneak vegetables into your husband's/child's food or smoothies? Am I a mean wifey or what?

Last day for the contest.


  1. If I had a husband or kids I would sneak veggies in too.


  2. I love green monsters! Any way to sneak in veggies is a good thing!

  3. I think I may be the only person around who has yet to try a green monster. I'm skeered! Thankfully I don't have to sneak veggies into meals for hubby. If I had kids, I'd so do it though.

  4. I've never thought of putting PB in my green monster -- smart!

    I would definitely sneak veggies into my kids' food if they didn't like it. Funny enough, my mom always mixed peas into mac & cheese to get us kids to eat it and even today, I love peas in my mac & cheese!

  5. That's hilarious! You really can't tell there's any spinach in there!

  6. Hey girl! Love that green monster smoothie you got going on! Looks fabulous. My hubs isnt too crazy about veggies and he would so pick it out in a sec if I tried to sneak it in. Ha. But you do what you can, right? hahah. Anyways I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    By the way are you in SoCal too?

  7. You look better at 7am than I do at the peak of the day!

    Love the Green Monster idea. I have never had one!

  8. I tried Green Monsters for the first time last weekend & I LOVE them! I definately sneak stuff into hubbys food!!

  9. I do it all the time..LOL. Don't tell :)

    Yum to green monsters!

  10. I wish I looked that good without makeup on!! Nice job on both monsters. I always sneak in fruits and veggies! Especially in things like pasta dishes- even if they're obvious...they don't taste obvious. Hope you have a good day!!

  11. Haha!

    I think it's great you sneaked it in! Some people will not believe that you cannot taste the spinach in a green monster. All that matters is that he gets his greens, even if you have to be sneaky!


  12. I for sure... Sometimes our men just don't know what they need. Hello! That is why they have us :-)

  13. I'm not a huge fan of spinach but I also wouldn't be surprised if my mom tried to sneak in some veggies into my smoothies. And no, you're not a bad wife for doing so. :)

  14. Mostly for the kids and Colin I don't have too. But I use this trick for my dog and cat food. I grind everything up otherwise they 'pick out' the veggies. Grinded up though, they can't tell :)


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