Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Make Beautiful Sauce (and a Blog in Progress)

My food blog is making me emotionally eat.

So, I've had a wee bit o' stress tonight concerning my blog design. Please hang in there with me while we get all the kinks worked out. :D

The only word to describe the dinner I made tonight is beautiful. Beautiful pasta.

Pictures didn't capture how pretty this sauce was.

(I really look my mom in this picture.)

How to Make Beautiful Sauce
First, brown a pound of ground beef, turkey or chicken. I used ground chicken for this. Next, add in a can of regular pasta sauce. The pasta sauce I used was a simple can of Del Monte Tomato and Basil Spaghetti Sauce. Next, I added about 3/4 of a bag of red leaf spinach, which I promptly covered so it could wilt. Once the spinach was nice and wilty, I threw in two course chopped tomatoes. My pasta was whole wheat rotini.

I served our pasta with green beans. The Mister promptly dug in.

It's really not that cold in our house. He had just walked in the house from a doctor's appointment and was ravenous.

I ate the portion you see there and several grazing bites afterwards straight out of the pan. That's a no no, folks. I finally got ahold of myself, and I've decided to quit dealing with the blog design for tonight. I'm going to curl up next to hubby and read my bookclub book.

How did you spend your MLK Jr. Day?


  1. Ohmy! I can smell your beautiful sauce wafting straight out of the monitor! LOL. Your blog layout looks lovely :)

  2. Awesome new look! I spent the MLK Jr. Day with the hubby. It was really, really special.

  3. Yum!!!! I'll have to try this. Thanks!


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