Sunday, January 24, 2010

Breakfast, Lunch, and Football!!!

Go Colts! Go Colts! Go Colts! Actually, football stresses me out.

I get so stressed out when watching the Colts play. I want them to win SO BAD!!! Oops. I just erased half of this line because the Colts made a good play. he he... See what I mean? I get into it.

Breakfast was an egg sammy on an Ezekiel muffin. I try not to eat eggs very often, unless its egg beaters or egg whites. Real eggs are for the weekends. :D

Plus a glass of skim milk.

After breakfast, I finished up a big project for one of my clients. It's laundry day, so Ryan was busy with that. He does the laundry. I deal with cooking, general cleaning, and most of the dishes. He also vacuums. Isn't that cool? I love that he does the laundry. I would hate to have to lug the laundry up and down the stairs. (We live on the second floor of our apartment building.)

Lunch was more of the fried bologna I bought at the market the other day. Served it on a whole wheat sandwich thin, along with an apple and some yogurt.

Here's a couple more pics from yesterday's photoshoot.

Be sure to check out the photoshoot if you missed it. My husband did a fantastic job.

Now, I'm about to work on a set of articles for another client while I watch the game. Multi-tasking is necessary. Always.

Does your significant other help you out around the house? What's his/her job(s)?


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  1. I love egg sandwiches on english muffins. we always eat our with a little bit of dill - perfect!

    my husband definitely helps out around the house. I have to give him specific instructions though :)

  2. my husband is a HUGE help around the house. Thank goodness, I don't know how I would get it all done without him! Great pictures, love the smile!

  3. My hubby is a HUGE help! He mops the floors and vacuums the carpets, takes out the trash, cleans up after the dog, and cooks a lot. He's just awesome!

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the one with you in the old train. I'm still working on the whole boyfriend thing but I would LOVE to have someone to take photos of my cooking haha!


  5. You look absolutely gorgeous! Your outfit is adorable too, by the way. :D

    I have not stayed up to date with football at all this year! I'm one of those people who watches the super bowl "just because" but doesn't stay in tune throughout the rest of the year. ;)

  6. You look beautiful!!

    I am usually the inside person, and my husband is the outside person - he loves to mow and rake, I like to clean - but it helps that I have a Type A daughter so the house doesn't get too bad!

  7. So how do you really feel about the Colts? ;-)

    p.s. Beautiful pictures, Beautiful!

  8. I love the pic in front of the brick background! You look so sexy and classy...and happy! You're just glowing. Beautiful smile too.


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