Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunny Days... Chasing the Clouds Away (and June Roundup)

Today is a beautiful day. It started out dreary and dismal, but the sun has come out and the birdies are chirping. Last night, my grandpa had a fever of 105.6. This morning I called the hospital, and he answered. "Hey sissy!" he said, when he heard my voice. He said he felt so much better. This is a huge difference from yesterday when they were throwing around the "stroke" word. It's a big sigh of relief.

Last night after I blogged, I curled up with my book and ate a mini-bag of salt and pepper popcorn. It was a quiet, relaxing night (and I needed that).


This morning, I had an english muffin with an egg sunny side down and a piece of light american cheese. I never eat that cheese, but it was in the drawer, so what they hey. I also sliced up a peach.


Mid-morning, I had a kashi bar and a bowl of apples and strawberries w/almond butter. The strawbabies are about to turn, so I need to eat them up today, for sure.


Today, the plan was to work until 1pm, then hit up the gym. However, I just remembered that my father's birthday is Sunday. (I am notoriously bad about remembering things like this. I love my family and friends ALOT, but I cannot ever seem to remember their birthdays or anniversaries.) So, the new plan at 1pm is to walk over to the mall, pick up a book for dad, go to Walmart and pick up some pictures to send to my grandparents (just because), and then hit up Costco on the way back. Round trip, it will be about 6 miles of walking. (And let's not forget I have circuit training class tonight.) All together, a good enough workout for today, I'd say.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and emails. It means alot, and all the wonderful vibes you sent my way obviously paid off. My grandfather sounded fantastic on the phone. I'll talk to you guys after dinner.


============June Round-Up=============

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  1. I'm glad to hear your grandpa's feeling better...that can be so scary. Have a fabulous day!! :)

  2. Don't you love those little bags of Natural Popcorn? I wish they made a version of Organic popcorn in mini bags!!!

  3. glad your grandpa is getting back to himself :D

    you just reminded me about my all-time favourite summer's like strawberry ice cream but just whipped egg whites, mashed strawberries and sweetener frozen (comes out like sorbet). Need to hunt it out!

  4. Good news about your grandpa! Enjoy your walk. I have been so busy today I have not had a chance to get out, but I did make some awesome cream of celery soup. DH even ate 2 bowls for lunch and he hates cooked veggies. :o) Oh, Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  5. YAY! Grandpa is better, and with a cheer in his voice! I'm so glad and relieved!
    American cheese wouldn't be my first option either, but that's better than no cheese at all! ;-)

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my piece of the internet, allowed me to find your wonderful blog! First, I will add to the good vibes being sent to your grandfather. I know it's tough to have a loved on so sick :(

    Second, that salt and pepper popcorn looks awesome. I need to track that stuff down!

  7. Is your grandfather doing any betteer?? :( I haven't seen your grandparents in too long. I hope he is.

    everything looks delish as usual on your blog..mmmmm now I am hungry


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