Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travesty! and Hair Talk

I forgot to bring my camera today, and what's worse, I forgot to upload my breakfast pic before I left the house, which means... I have no food picture for this post. See? A travesty of epic proportions.

Ok, perhaps not quite that big a deal, but it does suck.

This morning's breakfast was cereal. Blech. I love cereal, but I don't like to eat it in the morning, unless I have berries or something in it (and I'm out). So, I ate a few spoonfuls and poured it down the drain. I'm not wild about my new Total Blueberry Pomegranate. It's so sweet. Ick. So, I grabbed a cup of soy milk and one of my blackberry-walnut muffins on my way out.

For a snack, I had an apple and a cheese stick. Around noon, I'll have a toasted english muffin w/PB&J. I am going to the salon at 1:30 to get my eyebrows waxed, my pedicure and my hair trimmed. Right now my hair is its custom length. Just touching my shoulders.


Yay! A picture I happened to have on photobucket. I'm so super bored with my hair. It's been like it is right now or shorter for like two years. Well, that's not true. My hair person messed up my hair like a year ago and I ended up having to have it cut way shorter than ever before (and WAY shorter than I wanted it). I was heavier at the time, too. The combo wasn't pretty.


I even look miserable in that photo (July 2008. That's my moma.). Incidentally, the clothes she's wearing in this pic, now belong to me because I'm now the size she was in that pic, and she's significantly smaller than she was then. Ok, anywho, back to hair. I've considered cutting it a bit and getting bangs, and I've considered growing it out. I'm not sure what to do. Hubby wants me to grow it out. Girls here at work want me to do the bangs thing.

Any suggestions on my new 'do?

On the menu tonight is broccoli and kidney bean salad in whole wheat wraps. Hopefully I can disguise what I'm making long enough to get my husband to eat it because I already know he'll be like What is this? Where's the meat?

Do you have trouble getting your significant other to try new (especially non-meat) meals?

Well, that's all for now. I am working straight through to 1, and then my appointment is at 1:30. Wish me luck!

-Mrs. Myers

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Suggestions on my new 'do?
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  1. I have to get as much protein into one meal as possible for kyle right now, and watch the fat content, which can be tricky if I have A. little time B. he gets sick of the same thing. But he'll try anything once. he likes black olives now! That was another thing he hated.,ha!

    Hair -bangs and a round face can 'cut' your face in half, making your head looks small. Watch out for that. They usually suggest side sweep bangs at best if you have a round face. I have an oval face and wanted to shorten it, so I got bangs -reverse situation. I don't like long hair on people usually if someone is shorter, because it can become 'heavy' on their frame. I think a mid-length (an inch below your chin) is a great length, and perhaps soft sides sweep bangs, but nothing that is blunt and 'cuts' off your forehead.

    hope that helps!

  2. The boy has NO problem at least trying new stuff. He doesn't mind vegetarian meals either. Last night, I made him a chicken wrap and a grilled veggie wrap and he said he actually preferred the veggie wrap! Surprise surprise!

  3. I had a similar hairstyle and didn't want a drastic change, but wanted to shake it up a bit- I got some layers in and slightly feather at the front which I like a lot :)

    I don't have a man right now :( (though since I spend most of my free time hanging out in healthfood stores we may have similar taste :P )

  4. Oh don't I know that question..."where's the beef?" HA! I'm married to a meat eatin country boy for But he is branching out a bit and trying some new things...finally!

  5. Good luck with your haircut! I'm getting one next week and trying to find a good 'do too!

  6. ohhh i think bangs would be adorable and sassy! maybe like a long bob with side bangs? blunt bangs are cute, but definitely a big jump. i say shorten and sassy it up girl!

  7. How about grow it out AND get bangs? The best of both worlds.

  8. I have trouble getting the hubby to eat salads (even though we are vegetarian). I think the problem is that they don't fill him up so he doesn't think they are worth it.

    I'm totally jonesing for Jenna's salads (from Eat, Live, Run). You have to love the spinach, hummus, hard boiled egg, and hot sauce.

    Can't wait to see your new haircut. Pampering days are so great.

  9. Your broccoli bean salad wraps sound good!

    I luckily have a husband who will try anything.... he likes all kinds of food! If anything he gets me to try things I normally wouldn't probably try!

  10. i'm a fan of bangs - i mean, not on me, but for trying them out!!! i had them done and they grew out before i knew it...definitely a different look quick!

  11. I am having hair troubles myself. I tried a new guy and he destroyed my lovely locks! Ack!!! I am totally hating my hair right now.

    I was tempted to go have somebody fix it, but I wasn't up for it being cut shorter. It's already at my shoulders - I can't bear cutting off more.

    I am just suffering and styling it as best I can till it grows out. One month down already - should be decent to get a new style very soon!!

    I was thinking bangs too - but I have a cowlick. Not too sure they would work for me. I have to figure it out - I need a new look too.

    And it seems ALL guys tell you to grow it out. :-) Guys like long hair.

    But I think you'd look cute with bangs.

  12. ok, I waited to comment because I wanted to see what everyone else would say about veggie options :) I'm a cheater like that! HAHA!

    I'm pretty much in the same boat, Carlos is a meat and potato's type of guy. He really could care less about all the other colors in the food spectrum so I pretty much just stick with that.

    Can't wait to see your hair cut! AND...thanks for the shout out re: the stairmaster, well, as long as none of the readers go over to Tony's I'll be okay!


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