Monday, July 6, 2009

New Week, New Day

I meant to direct you guys to Mandy's blog, where she posted one of my comments on the topic of comfort (food and fitness - related). Check it out. Thanks!


Good morning. I'm hoping you've all recovered from your holiday weekend and are managing to get your head wrapped around this Monday morning (I'm trying).

Yesterday was really bad food-wise for me. Today, however, is a new day (I love how that works). This morning, I started off light.


Kashi and Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereals w/blackberries and a spoon of AB. Yum!

Mid-morning, I had a few almonds (very few) and an apple pie Larabar. Didn't make it to the gym this morning. I actually slept right through my alarm and woke up a half an hour late. As soon as I woke up, I wanted to dive right back to sleep. I had forgotten over night how bad my pain is (still - since Saturday morning!!!). I have circuit today in class. That may have to be enough workout for today because I can still just barely walk.

Today is really busy. I work until 4pm in the office (I really hate that). Then, I have school and more work to do tonight. I'm thinking chili dogs for dinner. I've been craving them. I bought turkey franks and a can of veggie chili yesterday at the store. Throw in some whole-grain buns and a veggie on the side and we'll be good to go. A busy day requires a quick dinner. :)

I'm dying right now for starbucks, but I'm really trying to committ myself to saving money rather than spending a fortune on my decaf coffee habit. It really is crazy to spend $4 a day on a coffee, ya know?

Hoping you are all having a beautiful day. Any plans for your Monday?



  1. Good luck making it through the day. Seems like you have a busy one!

  2. Mondays are never much fun- it's 7pm here so mine is pretty much over.

    I could spend a fortune in Starbucks- something special about their brew! I used to work there and never found out the secret, lol.

    Hope you have a nice day!

  3. Ditto on the starbucks. Im saving like $20 a week not drinking there as often. I only do when I am stressed out, tired, or once a week on a friday :)

  4. Also trying to kick the Starbucks habit... made myself an iced coffee at home this morning! Was delish!

  5. I know what you mean; if I had taken all that money I spent over the past few years at Starbucks and invested it in the stock market... well, I would have lost almost all of it. But, you get my point...

  6. AB in cereal... are you sure about that? Is it good? I haven't tried AB yet but I might have to buy some tomorrow during my mid-week shopping trip to Whole Foods. I'll take your word on it lol.

  7. good luck making it without starbucks.
    just think of how much heavier your bank account will be :) haha

  8. Thanks for stopping by our blog (my co-blogger has almost the same last name as you)!

    Starbucks is such a drain-o! Luckily I'm off of it now, but for a while it was sucking the change outa me.

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