Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hubby in the Kitchen: Turkey Strogonoff and Randomness

Did I spell strogonoff right?!?

I can't spell... Ok, so tonight was another Hubby in the Kitchen. Note: It's adorable something awful to me that Ryan actually refers to it as Hubby in the Kitchen. I'll update you briefly on the rest of today, so I can get to the good part.


Today was busy. I was supposed to go to the office and leave at 1. 4pm rolled around and I was just leaving. Sigh... Thankfully I took a little food. Not enough, considering I eat pretty much every 2 hours like clockwork.

Snacky: Vanilla Oikos and about a 1/4 cup Pumpkin Flax


For lunch, I brought the rest of my california roll from yesterday. I had 6 pieces. I ate 5. I didn't want the last one, but I was still hungry. I ate a nature valley trail mix granola bar. These things are addictive, so good to me. They're not bad for you, really, just not good. Anyway, I didn't get to picture any of these things. I worked really hard today.

So hard, that around 2:30, I began to have stabbing pains behind my eyes from looking at powerpoint all day (I am creating a major presentation for a multi-million dollar client, so lots of stupid animation, little squiggles and fade ins and outs - ugh!). When 4pm rolled around, I bolted. I couldn't take anymore today.

Thankfully, I walked in the house and remembered it was a Hubby in the Kitchen night. So, I promptly fainted on the bed and covered my head with a pillow. That lasted all of 15 minutes until Hubby came home and came to find me.

Hubby in the Kitchen: Turkey Strogonoff

We kinda forgot to take pictures until the end, so basically before this pic, he browned the turkey and threw in a packet of Beef Strogonoff seasoning (does not have beef in it, I've checked) and boiled the noodles.

Then combined them:


Then, he added in a container of plain Oikos.

He served this with a side of steamed zucchini. YUM!

Then, we descended into randomness.

Random beer shot.

Him doing random poetry. His words were flowing so fast, it messed up the camera.

Me trying to do poetry with the camera.

Him getting back at me and me not being amused.

After all this, I decided to go for a walk since I didn't want to hit the gym. My walk turned into a run. And, afterwards, this was my reward:

And now, I need to go do some abs, pushups, and weighted squats.

Peace out homies.

-Mrs Myers
Oh!!! I almost forgot! The XBOX BURRITO worked!!! Can you believe it? The boys are playing it right now! Ha! Who knew?


  1. Your bowl looks so yummy! I keep reading about this Oikos! I have a coupon.. I should use it :D

    Guys should learn a thing or two from your hubby!

    Take care, love!

    p.s. those nature valley bars are so delicious!!!!

  2. OMG, I cannot believe the XBox Burrito worked! I guess we can believe some of the stuff on-line! HAHAHAHA

  3. yay for dinner being made...woowoo! and some fig newtons am i correct? soooo good!

  4. that's actually one of my favorite beers. my boyfriend's polish so that's like home to them haha. we get it by the case. so sad.

    i never thought oikos in strogonoff. hmm. who knew!

  5. Fun night. I like that you and your sweetheart get goofy.

    And the Xbox burrito! Would have never guessed!!



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