Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday Joy

It's Thursday, 9pm, and that means we've arrived. Friday is here. Yippy!

Dinner was simple and delicious. Cajun spiced Tilapia with steamed snap peas and a piece of toast w/pumpkin butter. Ryan had a baked potato. I didn't want a starch quite so heavy, so I opted for toast.


I received a wonderful package of goodies in the mail today.


I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Until then, goodnight goodnight wherever you are...

--Mrs. Myers

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*Prior Fat Girl is doing a cool HEALTH Magazine giveaway. I want to win!!! But, for the sake of sport, go check it out. :)



  1. Good Morning! Yay, it's Friday! I have to work the weekend, so don't know what I'm so excited about..haha Well, my dh has the weekend off, so I guess I'm happy for him ;)

    Hey, I'll have to head over to former fat girl's blog and check out that awesome giveaway..thanks for the heads up :D

    Suspense is killing me....what is in that package??? LOL! I'll check back later to find out ;)

    You have a great day!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting. I just added you to my blog roll!


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