Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Recap

I. Am. Exhausted.

So, as you know, yesterday was a killer workout. I never really recovered the whole day. I can't think of the last time I was actually wiped out the whole day from a single workout. Usually it gives me energy, even if I am sore. Not the case this time.

When I woke up this morning, I honestly felt like somebody had beat me with a baseball bat. Ok, seriously, I did NOT expect that. I work out all the time. Every single day. You would think that would atleast PREPARE me for the workout with the personal trainer. Ya, no. She killed me for real.

I hobbled (and I mean that literally) out of bed and made breakfast. The plan was to go running today (with hubby). I had my old standby. I didn't have the energy to be very creative.


I'm not sure how, but after that I ended up back in bed. Not sleeping, just enjoying the way I didn't hurt so much cushioned by my nice, comfy mattress. I laid like that until Mr. Myers finally woke up. He was all perky, so we decided to head over to my school to see if we could run on the track.

I had a quick bite of almonds before we left, as it had been like 2.5 hours since I'd eaten breakfast.


When we got to the school, we realized that the gate to the track was locked, so we decided to just make some laps around campus. We did two, a total of 3 miles. I walked alot of the time. It hurt so bad just to move. Hopefully my mini-workout today will make it easier on my muscles the rest of the week. We'll see.

When we got home, I had a miniature second breakfast / early lunch.


Now, I'm just sitting here blogging and wanting to lay down in bed again. :(

Did you all have a fun Fourth of July? I'll do a quick recap of ours here.

As you know, I started my Fourth with the workout to end all workouts. Then, I came home and dressed, not yet fully aware of the damage inflicted on my poor body.

We reallllly wanted to go to the County Fair, as this weekend is the last weekend for it. However, we decided it wasn't worth spending all the money that we knew we would. $22 just to get in, then there's rides, food. It's costly. So, we found a flyer in the paper for a festival in Santee. Free. Perfect. We headed over there, and it was sort of a laugh. It was smaller than any festival I've seen in life, and I'm from small town Indiana. There were like 6 food vendors, a few kiddie rides and an RV with a fold-out stage. Great little shindig, if you want to bring the kids and just sit and talk for the next five hours until the fireworks start. The big kid (hubby) and I weren't impressed, so we decided to go downtown to YardHouse. We haven't eaten out in FOREVER because we're always being frugal.

I got the lettuce wraps appetizer. Delish. I also had some of his jamaican jerk wings and a sliver of his pizza, but since my camera sucks really bad, the pictures are awful.



After that, my soreness was starting to kick in. We came home to watch Pan's Labrinth (FANTASTIC movie - I give it 5 STARS!!!) and we missed the fireworks entirely, though we heard them. We ended up watching them on television. Fine with me.

All in all, it was a very comfortable, low-key Fourth. That's kinda the Myers way. :)

Did you see fireworks? How did you spend your Fourth?

Enjoy your Sunday!
PS Guys: Be sure to visit Angie's Appetite for Life for a chance to win free Pumpkin Butter, Almond Butter or Bruschetta. I'm gunning for the pumpkin butter!!!!!

-Mrs. Myers


  1. Your 4th sounds lovely :) I'm sorry you are in so much pain though! Did your trainer do something completely different from your regular workouts?

    Hot bath with ginger in it can be good for muscles, and take it easy this week...listen to your body.

  2. Dinner looks great!!

    Sorry you are in pain! Get some rest if you can and hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow!

  3. Workout with a personal trainer = BRUTAL!

  4. Happy 4th to ya! DH and I went to the church July 4th annual breakfast. DH had all the stuff he doesn't get at home, *wink* Then we came home and did little.. We heard the fireworks, but didn't see them. I love those blackberries of yours. Sweet and yummy I am sure. Sorry you are so sore, but man you walked at the college after that? Way to go girl!!!

  5. My personal trainer hates me.

    I think it's because I keyed up her car.

  6. mmmmm, i'm all over those lettuce wraps. the sauce is always my favorite!


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