Monday, July 27, 2009

Sushi, Mac n Cheese and an XBox Burrito

Buenos Nachos ;)

The man and I just got back from the gym a bit ago. I realize I rarely ever tell you guys about my workouts. Quite frankly, exercise is not nearly so interesting to me as food. Still.

We did a long workout, and I managed to pound out 2.25 miles on the treadmill without stopping. That's the farthest I've run at one time EVER! (Pauses for applause.) It was cool. When I finished that little feat, I walked until the treadmill read 30 minutes, and then I hopped on the upright bike for another 15 on the hills program. Then, I worked out my deltoids, triceps, biceps and some abs. Fun fun.

Before I tell you about dinner, I'm going to back up for a quick minute to tell you about the rest of the day.

This morning, I slept in. Unfortunately that left me getting ready at break-neck speed. I had maybe 4 minutes to eat my breakfast of two pieces of toast with natural peanut butter. That's a small breakfast for me, especially since the bread is only 60 cals per slice, but I had NO time. So, I threw a few things in my bag and hit the door.


That little sammie might look unassuming, but it was fantabulous!!!! It was ham and swiss, and I threw it in the toaster oven at the office for like 5 minutes. Oh my wordpress, it was amazing. I think this was mostly because I hadn't had a plain o' ham n cheese in forever.

Thankfully I took that stuff, because like always, I didn't get home until late. It was 2pm and I was starving. I had a beautiful second lunch.


Do you love that or what? Wait. Wait. Here it is from another angle.


I was so in love with these colors as I ate this. A really juice nectarine and three pieces of a brown rice california roll. YUM!

Later, I had some whole grain fig newtons. Love em.


Dinner after the gym has to be quick. I know we just had fish, but fish was the ticket again tonight. Tilapia, whole wheat mac n cheese and peas. Simple and good. I had an embarrassingly large portion of everything.



And I really did eat it all. I must have worked up an appetite at the gym. :)

Other than maybe a popsicle, that's it for tonight. Hubby is currently laying on the living room floor worrying over his XBox360, who is sick right now and won't work for him. The roommate told him there's a supposed fix on Youtube where you use a towel to wrap your beloved game console up for five minutes and it somehow fixes the whole problem. So, yep, you guessed it. He's sitting there with an XBox burrito. lol. If I thought he wouldn't throw something at me, I'd sneak a picture for you. But... I have to admit, if my laptop stopped working and someone said I could fix it by wrapping a towel around it, you better believe I'd do it, so... ya... All jokes aside, has anyone heard if this actually works? It supposedly fixes a malfunction inherent to all XBox 360s. Dunno. I can't even turn that thing on. What do I know?

Ok ok ok, I'm done. xoxoxoxoxo!

P.S. Tomorrow is Hubby in the Kitchen. Stay tuned!



  1. aw your poor hubby! i do love my game console, so i understand

  2. Congrats on your awesome TM distance! Way to go!

    Brown rice sushi roll looks so delish!

  3. I am totally giggling to myself at the thought of the Xbox burrito. Too funny! The silly things we do out of dispair!

  4. Congrats on your run! Your second lunch is so pretty :D

    Sending get-well vibes to the xbox!

  5. Congrats on a good run! Nothing beats that feeling.

  6. oh my wordpress - i laughed out loud. i guess you know you are a blogger when...

    yay for good eats, and AWESOME work on the treadmill. that is an accomplishment worth celebrating. can't wait to see what the hubs is cooking up - happy tuesday!

  7. sushi and mac n cheese!! two of my favorite foods in one post = happy kailey!

  8. Woo hoo! Great job at the gym!

    Love the eats!

    I have no idea about the Xbox cure - let us know if it works though!

  9. Does the hubby's Xbox have the "Red Ring of Death??" (I guess the whole darn thing just dies, and the area around the power button lights up with a red ring around it) My boyfriend's Xbox got that problem, and he was able to send it back...they refurbished it and sent it to him when it was repaired. Took about 6 weeks, but I guess it was worth it.

    Anyway..."oh my wordpress?!" LOL! Too funny :)


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