Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Ending my Subscription

Good morning!!!

Sorry about the picture-less post today. This morning, I was trying to upload my breakfast pic, and my memory card seemed to crap out on me. Not good news. Hopefully it will get over its issues by the time I need to post for dinner or I'll have to give it a severe talking to. That reminds me! I read somewhere this cute phrase: I'm ending my subscription because I'm over your issues. He he. Yep, that's how I feel about my camera. :) (P.S. If I just stole that from you, please post and take credit - that saying is pure cuteness...)

This morning was off to a great start. I slept until about 5:15 and then rolled out of bed to hit the gym. I ate a clementine before I left the house and then it was off to 24 Hour Fitness. It was busy this morning! Everybody gettin' their workout on in the AM today! I did a quick 30 minutes on the bike. I intended to do 45, but I realized hubby might not wake up and before we went to sleep he said that he wanted to get to work early. So, I left the gym at 6:15 and headed for home. Walked in my front door at 6:21 (yes, we're that close to the gym). Woke up the hubby, which sucked. He looked so peaceful. And, then, made myself a breakfast fit for a food blogger.

Breakfast was two pieces of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread w/Earth Balance Butter and one egg over hard. SO good. I really love eggs over hard. They're nearly as good as poached. Almost, not quite.

When I got to work, I had a cup of decaf w/soy. Mid morning, I had a snack mix I made myself. I love to use random cereals and stuff to make snack mixes.

Today's includes:
*1/2 cup cheerioes
*1/2 cup Pumpkin Flax cereal
*small handful of pretzel sticks

Tonight, I'm trying out a new Kashi brand frozen pizza. Will post later!

Ok, now back to work!

-Mrs. Myers


  1. Sorry about your camera issues, hope you get those worked out soon!

  2. Hey there Mrs Myers!!

    Eggs over FAVORITE! I never digged runny

    I had to laugh reading about your snack mix. When I was a kid I used to love..oh, who am I kidding, still take a little bit of cereal from each box and mix them together in a bowl and eat them that way. Now, I just do it with the healthy You mix sounds great!

    Can't wait to read how you like the new Kashi pizza :D

    You have yourself an amazing day girl!

  3. Sorry to hear about the camera! I have to give Mallard his work camera back and then my pix will be bad phone pix again. I am prob going to get a new phone around my birthday in September. Have you looked at which camera you want to get? I've narrowed it down to a few. The one's I want are quite pricey though :(

  4. eh, I will come back and read...even without pictures! BUT...I hope you get a new memory card before the next installment of Hubby in the Kitchen! ;)

    I love me some eggs!

  5. I didn't come up with the subscription quote, but I am the one who coined the phrase "coin the phrase."

  6. Sorry about the camera problems!!

    GOOD Job getting up early for the gym!!

  7. Ooo I love hearing about frozen pizza reviews. It's always a tough decision choosing which one to get. It puts a damper on things when a whole pizza tastes like crap. But I think most of us would get creative and put some oomph to that pizza if we were in that dilemma ;)

  8. You are so good to get up early. I have much respect for that. Good on ya!

    The other day you asked why E. and I are in S.A. Both of us are fortunate to telecommute, and we can work wherever we wish as long as there is dependable Internet access.

    When we decided to move in February 2008, neither of us had been to S.A. We wanted to learn Spanish and see some sights like Machu Picchu. Our trip has lasted a lot longer than expected.

    We arrived in Buenos Aires today. I love the energy here. I can't recommend it enough as a travel destination. Peru was much more basic. B.A. is a foodie paradise.


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