Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hubby in the Kitchen: Ground Turkey Tacos

Hey guys. This will be a quick post. I have an exam tomorrow that I need to do some final studying for. I also want to spend time with Hubby, who had a hard day.

NOT that you can tell from the following pics. Since I had to make a Costco run after school, he did the photos himself. :) Have I told you lately that I love him?... lol.

Browning the turkey.

So stinkin adorable, I tell ya.

My taco included chopped cherry tomatoes, spinach, greek yogurt, nutritional yeast, and ground turkey w/taco seasoning. YUM!


Ok guys. That's about it for my day. It was busy, crazy and beautiful. How was your day? Leave me a comment and tell me about something beautiful that happened today.

P.S. Speaking of things beautiful. Since this is a short post, hop on over to Angie's blog. She wrote a great post on body image today. I couldn't have said it better myself.

-Mrs. Myers


  1. My day was hectic. But, Snuffy was so happy this morning! She woke up singing...I love having a little girl. It's great that you make time for your hubby cooking together. You two must have lots of fun!

  2. I love taco night!!
    my day was nice and relaxing :) no complaints.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!

    LOVE the hubby in the kitchen posts. Too sweet!

  4. the hubs is too cute!

    something beautiful - i re-covered a lampshade for my sister as a surprise for her new house, and it turned out quite beautifully if i do say so myself :)

  5. Oh my...the tacos look AMAZING!! Love the addition of greek yogurt on the bottom too. Must try this out! :-)

  6. What a sweet thing! My hubby laughs at me for taking pics of my food....lol!

    I had a very nice quiet day yesterday...just hung out inside with Mia and Einstein (my dog and parrot)and tried to stay cool... :D


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