Monday, July 6, 2009

Short Stories and Chili Dogs

Today was super busy, punctuated by some fun moments. Ever so often my mom and I will have one of those conversations that are just plain fun. Today was one of those days. I call her most days on my way to school. It gives me something to do while weaving in and out of traffic (not that San Diego really has much traffic). Usually it's a fill-me-in on what Dad's doing, the brother, my work, Ryan, etc. Today, we were discussing the new book I'm reading, which I'm really loving. Always, after I've read a truly heavy book (and the last book was that times 10), I try to read a plot-driven book (ie: a plain ol' good story). Well, who better to tell a story than Stephen King? He's not my favorite author, but for a story that asks nothing of me except to be entertained, he's my go-to guy. His current book is a collection of short stories, titled Just After Sunset. So far, it's fantastic! When I'm not reading it, I'm thinking about reading it. In fact, it's got me excited to write a short story again (which are honestly the hardest creative pieces to write). Anywho, I'm rambling and it isn't about food, so... on with the show.

Tonight, I made chili dogs. Turkey franks with vegetarian chili (yes, canned). No, they weren't overwhelming healthy, but they weren't too terrible either. And, best of all, they were easy and yummy! The perfect dinner combo!

Chili Dogs w/Nutritional Yeast... Yum

Lunch today was TJ's Lentil Soup and an apple.


For some reason, I forgot to picture snacks. I'll do better at that. At work, I tend to just forget. I'm working at buckling down a little more. As I search for a happy medium in my healthy lifestyle, I seem to only yo-yo from strict to terrible. It's funny how balance seems to come so naturally to some and for others it's nearly and impossibility. I guess we all have our things.

School today was painful. I'm still in a lot of pain, but I did manage to do circuit (on very low weights). And, in fact, by the end of circuit, I felt decent. I was so excited when I walked to my car, I was dreaming of going for a jog when I got home. I stopped at Vons to get the hot dog buns, tried to scramble out of my car and got hit in the face by that stupid horrible pain. I limbered up only for a short time, I guess. Sigh... It's better today though, and tomorrow, it will be even more so. It really makes me appreciate my normally pain-free body.

Well, it's time to clean up the dishes, make lunches and settle in for some quiet time with Mr. King (Oh, and Mr. Myers, too, of course). :)




  1. The chili dogs sound/look great.....yum! Sometimes comforting food like that is SO satisfying!

  2. I wish I had come to your house for dinner. I ate tooooooo much! Way over on my calories.... Gotta get a grip!!! Thanks for always being so encouraging to me. Hugs

  3. I had never heard of chilli dogs until I started reading blogs- are they just hot dogs with chilli? Sounds good to me, if so!

    Hope your Tuesday is PAIN FREE!

  4. We lived in Cincinatti OH years ago, chilli dogs were a HUGE deal there..these look tempting Figtreeapps

  5. I've never had a chili dog! Isn't that crazy?! My dad eats them but I've never tried it!

    Hope you have a pain free day :)


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