Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Heart Cherry Pie Larabars

Oh my word! Look what I found at my grocery store today!


[Insert Dance of Glee Here!]

For my afternoon snack, I had to have one: cherry pie. OMG, it was heaven. Seriously, it was like eating dessert. Do you know what my favorite part about it was?

Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Cherries

Awesome! It has the very distinct taste of cherry pie. Not sure how they do this w/out added sugar, but its fantastic and clean tasting. It's also filling, despite the fact these bars are small. I was a little leery of them as they seemed like unneccessary calories, but they are well worth it due to taste factor alone.

Tonight is a really nice, mild night. The heat of the day burned off early and I've really enjoyed the breeze coming through the windows. I finally finished my book and will be moving on to the next. That's always an exciting prospect to me! :)

We spent the day after our run just hanging out and chillin. I went to the grocery store, but that's it. The roommate's kids were here today (they're like our extended family lol), so that always makes for a little more exciting household. I took some pictures of D playing around. No pictures of A today. My favorite picture of D was of him watching billards on tv. He actually clapped when they did well. It was hilarious. What 3 year old watches billards? YAWN!


Well, it must have worn him out because he literally passed out on hubby's lap. (He's not playing here. He's actually knocked out cold.)


Tonight, Ryan went over to hang out with his friends, who were having game night. As always, I begged out. I'm ridiciulously sore, yes, but I'm also a major homebody. Especially on a Sunday night, ya know?

Supper was easy. I've kinda had an issue with binge/grazing today, so I needed to go light.



Vanilla Greek Yogurt w/Blackberries and a new Total Blueberry-Pomegranate Cereal, with four broiled tomatoes with a small piece of pepperjack on each. Interesting dinner, I know. It did the job, though.

Ok, so I'm going to go figure out what book is next on my agenda (not that I actually have an agenda... I'm so not that organized.). Haven't even ordered this month's book club book. If its a book I really think I'll enjoy, I buy it at the bookstore. If it looks kinda sucky (like this month's pick), then I go the Amazon route. I'm not spending my hard-earned cash on a book I don't even think I'll like!!!


-Mrs. Myers

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  1. Ah yes, the first larabar taste? Isn't it wonderful :) dates are super sweet naturally so they make the perfect base for all the flavors. Enjoy!

  2. Yay for larabars! I love them! The sweetness comes from the dates! So delic! I'll have to send the recipe for raw vegan brownie bites made from dates your way! So easy and so good and work every single calorie!

  3. I have been eating yogurt/fruit/grain combos for dinner a LOT lately. I thought I was a wierdo. But, now I don't feel so odd! My significant other went to hangout around a fire with our neigbors a couple of nights ago...I'm a bit of a homebody as well. But, hey we are saving money by staying in, no?

  4. D is adorable! :D

    I haven't tried the cherry pie lara bar, but the PB cookie is amazing :D

    Enjoy your Monday!

  5. It's the dates - they are very sweet. If you have a food processor, you can make your own Larabars!

  6. I've got like 5 books for you I'm going to bring w/ me when I move. So don't buy too many books!

    Total blueberry pomegrante? That sounds yummy :P~~

  7. Oh Lara bars...why must you be so delicious?

  8. soul sista - LOVE the Larabars and roasted tomatoes with cheese is one of my fave foods!

    glad you had a good weekend - that punkin' is just too cute passed out sleeping :)

  9. What other Larabar flavors do you like? I've only ever tried the Lemon one, but it had a wierd texture, and you know how I am about squishy foods :( Are they all kinda squishy?


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