Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evil Eyes Beware!

This picture pretty much sums up this day. I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but there are certain days in the month where I am simply starving. Really truly stare-at-hubby's-food-even-though-i've-just-eaten-my-own-huge-helping kind of starving. I still did alright. Everything I chose to eat was still healthy for the most part. The quantities, well, that's another story, but you know... :)

[This is completely an aside, but as I type this my roommate is sitting in front of our GINORMOUS flat-screen television watching some disgusting UFC fight and at the same time he's watching a sitcom on his iphone... Does anyone else find that a little amusing?... This coming from the girl who doesn't watch tv and literally cannot even turn it on (seriously, i can't, there's like 50 remotes to it).]

Ok, anywho. Today's lunch was leftovers from Hubby in the Kitchen. Just as awesome the second day, of course. I also had an apple.


The afternoon went really quickly. I had a miniature PB sandwich, which I consumed at my desk over a pile of papers. Sorry. It was nothing fancy, I promise.

The highlight of the day was a bracelet I received from the Vice-President of the company, who recently traveled to Turkey. It is an "evil eye" bracelet meant to protect its wearer from, well, evil. So, basically, the evil eye bracelet is a proverbial strand of garlic against evil. Evil doers beware, 'cause I'm packin.

What's funny is that last summer the President (my boss) of the company also went on vacation and brought me back an "evil eye" bracelet. (Obviously, the VP didn't know this.) The REALLY funny part comes in if you know anything at all about my work environment... Anyone ever seen Devil Wears Prada?... Ya... Evil Eye bracelets all the way. One obviously isn't working. So, now we'll see how I fare with two.

After class, my friend Heather and I ran a couple miles on the track at school. I wasn't feeling up to par and I started feeling it right away, but I forced myself to finish. I was glad I did, but I'm super tired tonight. When I came home, I was absolutely ravenous. I was utterly thrilled when hubby suggested we just eat leftovers. I didn't realize he was eyeing the leftover chili with hotdogs when he said that... So, uh, guess what went down MY hatch?...

He was like, That's what I was going to eat... :( I felt like a bad wifey, even though I didn't know. Since I couldn't make him any more of it, I baked him a Trader Joe's frozen pizza. He seemed happy with that.

Ok, d'ats all I got! I'm going to go hang out with my hubby and try not to be hungry or over-emotional as I am prone to be today. ;)

Have a wonderful night guys! It'll be Friday before we know it!!!!

-Mrs. Myers


  1. somedays i'm a bottomless pit too....i'm just grateful it's not every day for weeks, like it has been, in the past!

  2. I have never seen an evil eye bracelet...pretty neat stuff. As far as the ravenouse hunger and crazy emotions: think how bad we would feel if we didn't take care of ourselves. Your run today probably helped more than you know!

  3. such a cool bracelet :D

    I've been a bottomless pit the last few days- NO idea why! I guess sometimes our bodies just need a bit more fuel? Who knows? Human bodies are mysterious things!

  4. oh those bottomless pit days. I enjoy try just listen to my hunger on those days and not stress so much. My body is obviously telling me I need food.

  5. I love UFC :( going to watch a fight at sports on Sat. BOOO!

    I had a night like that last night. I ate almost a full jar of pickles lol

  6. Oh I totally have days where it just seems like no matter what I eat I'm starving the whole day! It's annoying!! :)

  7. Those sort of days drive me crazy. No matter what I eat I am still hungry. WTH!?!?!? It's beyond annoying!

    Then again, there are days when I am not hungry at all - so I guess it does sort of balance out.

    My only problem is I eat more on the hungry days - but don't really eat much less on the other ones. So my body may be balancing - but when I am eating, I am not! :-)


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