Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Four Months and Berry Muffin Bliss

Yesterday was our four month anniversary. I forgot to tell you guys! lol. I know four months. Not a huuuuge deal, but still...

It's so cool to think only four months ago was my wedding weekend. It was truly one of the most fun weekends of my whole life. Everyone who came truly wanted to be there (since they had to fly here from Indiana), and almost everyone had a part to play. Small, intimate, the ceremony was everything we hoped it would be. It was very special. Yay for Four Months of wedded bliss! :)


Ok. Back to food. Last night, I used the remainder of the blackberries to make muffins. I used my standard go-to whole-wheat muffin recipe and mixed in blackberries and walnut pieces. They turned out really well. Maybe the best muffins I've made yet!

I had one this morning, along with a cheese omelet. It was a nice change. I'm out of spinach, which I really wanted in there. Oh well. The purse strings are tight, and I need to learn to make do with what we have!


I also stopped on my way in to get a soy latte (decaf, of course). I'm going to try to only have one once a week. The rest of the days I'll just have herbal tea from home. A lot easier on the wallet.

Today is shaping up to be very busy, so I wanted to knock out this morning's post immediately. Don't miss last night's post (Hubby in the Kitchen: Tuna Noodle Casserole). A delicious meal cooked by a fine man. What more could a girl ask for? :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I'll talk to you later tonight!

Happy Humpday!

-Mrs. Myers


  1. Happy anniversary! Got anything special planned?

  2. Holy smokes you've lost a lot of weight! Congrats and keep up the good work... happy fourthmonthiversary too! :)

    lauren (foodshoesbooze)

  3. Congrats on the 4 month anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated our one year. We did the same thing every month. There is always a reason to celebrate in life. It makes it fun and exciting :)

  4. The look of joyful bliss on your face in that one photo. Priceless!

    Congratulations on 4 wonderful months! Treasure each and every day together! Me and my hubby..will be celebrating our 21st year anniversary on July 25th. Time goes by so fast, especially when your totally in love with and sharing your life with a good man. And sounds like you have one of those ;)

    I have blackberries in the fridge that I need to do something with before they go bad. Muffins sound like just the ticket :)


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