Saturday, July 18, 2009

Impromptu Hubby in the Kitchen

This morning hubby decided to make breakfast... for me! He made scrambled eggs and toast. This is special, because he doesn't eat eggs (unless hardboiled). So, he had a bowl of Raisin Bran instead.


He wouldn't let me help at all. Not even to put jelly on my toast. :) Isn't he sweet?

Last night, we spent forever at the gym and came home to leftovers. This was good, because almost everything we used would normally have ended up in the trash. We're trying to be more frugal and waste less. It actually turned out to be delicious. For me, I used the leftover tilapia from dinner on Thursday, some peach-mango salsa, spinach and tomatoes. For Ryan, I used the last bit of ground turkey taco meat and basically all the same stuff for my taco. I didn't picture it but I also steamed some zucchini that was starting to go mushy.

My taco:


Today we've been lazy. We took care of some stuff with JMyers Inc. while lounging on the couch. lol. I love Saturdays.

Tonight, we're going to Missy's birthday party. I'm sure I'll take pics, so stay tuned for pictures tomorrow. Generally I prefer not to drink, but I might even have a couple tonight. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm still taking suggestions for next week's Hubby in the Kitchen until Sunday morning.

Please post your suggestions as a comment
HERE. You can post more than once.

Mr. Myers will choose one meal to make on Tuesday and we will post your comment and link to your blog. Please encourage your readers to provide hubby-friendly suggestions.

Have a beautiful Saturday!!!

-Mrs. Myers

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  1. Such a great use of leftovers! Tacos are awesome :)

    My saturday is over...and was fabulous! Blog meet up and health fair. Perfect day!

    Alcoholic beverage of choice...either Archers and lemonade (our lemonade is like your 7-Up) or malibu :)

  2. leftovers are my favorite meals - quick & easy. Especially when they look as yummy as yours!


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