Monday, July 20, 2009

Number Five is Alive

That is from Short Circuit, a well-loved movie growing up in my house. Anywho...

I'm alive!!! Sorry I was MIA today. I've been working nonstop these past couple days. Seems like working "on my own" is more WORK! Ah well. C'est la vie.

Now, on to the food.

Last night, Mr. Myers and I got fro-yo. They always have six different flavors to choose from. I made a combo of creme de mente and fudge brownie. Awesome! I had a 16 oz cup for only 128 calories. I love it!!! I also topped my frozen treat with a bit of coconut. Yum-o!

Pic is dark.

We had a really good night, just chillin and being together. It was one of those nights where you realize you are right were you want to be. :)

This morning, I made toast and a sunny side down egg. I realize all this time I was calling it egg over hard or something. I think it's sunny side down, where you flip it, but it's still runny? Somebody help a girl out here. I never know what things are called and I can't spell. It is what it is. ;)

I also had a couple pieces of watermelon with this.

Mid-morning, I snacked on a pink lady apple and a cheese stick. Lunch was late. At 2:30, I finally made it home after meetings and other assorted stuff.

I made my standard wrap w/hummus, honey turkey and swiss. However, it got a microwave treatment, since heating the house when it's 95 degrees is NOT an option.

It was still good to me.

Tonight, we don't have class. Instead, we have the option of doing two book assignments or going to the gym for an hour. Easy choice for me, obviously. So, I'm waiting until hubby comes home, so we can go together.

Dinner is still up in the air. I can't seem to decide. I'm considering fish. Not sure. I'll post later.

-Mrs. Myers


  1. I think if you flip it, it's called "over-easy".


  2. Wow, that fro-yo looks delicious!!

  3. When I try to make it, it's called "scrambled." :(

  4. Yum, mint and brownies??? I wish that we had a good frozen yogurt place!!

  5. pink lady apples are the best around :D So jealous you have some near you!

  6. flipped over and runny is over easy, flipped over and not so runny is over medium

  7. "Who's Johnny, she said? And smiled in her special way..." Ooooh, I LOVE Short Circuit! Now I'll be thinking of that all night long and have those quotes in my head.....THANKS A LOT! :-) Your food looks dee-lish! Always delectable yummies on your posts.

  8. Hello #5. Sadly, I remember that movie. LOL. the yougurt looks good. I just found out we have an iyogurt around the corner. I cannot wait to try it.

  9. Your Short Circuit quote took me back around 25 years. Whoa, has it been that long! D@mn.

    I have been meaning to ask you what your job is? Do you work at home?


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