Friday, July 10, 2009

LARABAR Flavor Review

TGIF!!!! While I'm still waiting to get the last two Oikos flavors I plan to review (Strawberry and Blueberry are elusive in these parts), I wanted to give you my review of the Larabar flavors I was finally able to try.


Cherry Pie
This was fantastic. I cannot say enough. The flavor is truly that of cherry pie. Delish! Which is actually strange since I don't actually like cherry pie. These bars, however, are so fresh tasting and simple. Sweet, but not overly sweet. It's like dessert without the guilt. I give them a Mrs. Myers Two Thumbs UP!

Apple Pie
This was slightly less fantastic. Still good. The apple taste was vibrant, but the flavors didn't blend together so well, and I wasn't as impressed with the texture. It seemed crumbly compared to the Cherry Pie flavor, which was way too moist to crumble. In a pinch, I might buy it again. It gets A Half Thumb.

Peanut Butter Cookie
I saved this bar to last because I thought for sure it would be the bombdiggity. And, it wasn't. Not at all. For one thing, I consider myself a peanut butter cookie expert, and this did not harken memories of Christmas times spent rolling balls of peanut buttery goodness for my mom to bake. Instead, it was just... okay. Not bad, but not good. I won't buy it again. No Thumbs. (No Thumbs down, but no thumbs up.)

This morning I've felt lazy. Ryan and I have both had funky sleep issues this week. Mine may be related to his, I'm guessing. I had a nice, warm comforting bowl of oatmeal w/PB&J for breakfast.


Lunch will be leftover broccoli-kidney bean salad from last night's Vegetarian Dinner Victory. Dinner tonight is up in the air. Ryan is going to hang out with friends, and I'm probably cleaning and writing. I love an evening with an empty house. :) I might even make up some of SnackFace's cheetahs. Yum!

Talk at ya latas,
-Mrs. M


  1. I haven't tried the fruit lara bars, but out of the ones I have tried, PB cookie is my favourite! Though I've never had a PB cookie so maybe that's why :P I am psyched about the new flavours coming out...PBJ!

    have a great day!

  2. tgif :)

    wow im stunned the pb got no thumbs! that one always seems to be a winner! haha oh well.
    I loved the apple pie one :)

  3. I am with you on the pb cookie flavor. My favorite is the pecan pie or the cashew cookie.

  4. Thanks for the Lara Bar review.

    Your breakfast looks scrumptious and your hair is too cute!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I have yet to try the PB Cookie Larabar myself but I'm expecting it to be fantastic after everything everyone has said about it! Thanks for the honest review. I think sometimes when something is totally hyped up it's rare to have it live up to what you expect.


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