Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Finds at Costco & Hot Chili Tilapia

I think Costco is starting to read the blogs, because their stuff is getting downright healthy...

Good evening my bloggie friends...

I apologize for not posting today. I have made some minor adjustments to my schedule that will hopefully free up a bit more time. I've been going off-the-charts crazy trying to keep all the balls in the air. There comes a point when I have to realize that I'm not a circus clown. I'm just a woman.

Anywho... today's lunchie was leftovers from Hubby in the Kitchen and an apple.

After lunch (and a whole lot of writing), I went to Costco. Love that place. Ryan especially loves their samples. The only sample that derailed my speed-o-light shopping trip was a tiny thing of chicken noodle soup that I consumed only because they keep the store approximately the temperature of the Arctic. 

I picked up some chicken tenderloins, tilapia, ground turkey, and two great new finds I've never seen (at Costco) before.

The waffles are for Ryan. He loves waffles. I was really excited to find these Seeds of Change microwaveable pouches. Perfect for the weeknight!

Dinner tonight was a really great example of how you can put together a healthy meal on a weeknight. It truly doesn't take long.

One of the focuses of Better b4 Baby is to eat fewer calories after 5pm. I tend to be a nighttime eater. I also tend to snack while I make dinner. This is a terrible habit!!! Unfortunately, I did it tonight.


I'm not perfect, but I really want to shed these last 15 pounds to truly be the healthiest I can be, and to make a future pregnancy a bit easier. I lost 200... surely I can manage 15, yes?! :) [Yes, I'm breaking the food blog rules and talking about weight. So, sue me.]

Anywho, back to dinner.

Hot Chili Tilapia, Quinoa & Whole Grain Brown Rice, and a Salad

I used a new spice I picked up at Vine Ripe Market to season my tilapia. It's a chili powder from Pakistan. I love it, but it's so hot that while cooking with it, I could NOT stop sneezing. It tasted fantastic, though!

Those of you who prefer to keep the roof of your mouth and the surface of your tongue intact might want to consider using a fairly small amount. Everyone else just douse the fish with seasoning on each side and cook using a nonstick spray. No special technique here.

I served the tilapia with a side of quinoa/brown rice mix and a green salad.

I realize that you guys might not be able to tell what my portions are, so I took a picture of Ryan's meal and mine.

Portion Sizes. I usually eat a 1/2 piece of fish and about 1/2 cup of grains. He gets a whole piece of fish and about 1 cup of grains (he usually eats seconds of the grains, as well). His salad is also larger than mine.

I usually use a small plate. He always uses a regular one. Mine's on top.

Though I don't necessarily talk about portion sizes alot, I try to be very aware of the amount of food I'm eating. It's the thing that keeps me from having to "diet."

How do you try to stay aware of your portion sizes? Do you "worry" about those kinds of things?


  1. I'm definitely conscious of portions at home but even more so at restaurants, where I'm amazed by the huge pile of potatoes or massive slab of fish.

    Costco definitely has some great, healthy finds. I buy massive boxes of oatmeal there as well as huge bags of organic produce for good prices.

  2. I measured in the beginning, but since I eat almost the same every day I have the portions memorized. About 4 oz of meat, 1/3 cup of oatmeal and I eat as many veggies as I want. For rough example.

  3. Not anymore, but then again, I'm not really trying to lose weight anymore.

    I love the Seeds of Changes quinoa packets! I could really use those.

  4. Aren't those microwavable grains the best! I love those!
    I am definitley aware/careful of portions - I also like lots of veggies and don't use any sort of portion control with those!

  5. Unfortunately, I am not as aware of portion size as I should be. Oh, and it's your blog and you can talk about pounds and weight if you want to right!!! LOL. Besides, you may get some tips and advice to help you through those last 15 lbs.

  6. I guess I need to be more aware of portion sizes. Sometimes, if the food's too yummy, I won't notice how I'm already pigging out, which is just bad. Good luck on preparing yourself for baby!

  7. I don't usually consider portion sizes unless I go back for seconds. I have to test myself--am I eating more of the dish because it tastes phenomenal or am I eating more because I'm actually still hungry? :-)


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