Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Don't Swim... (And Good News)

If humans were meant to swim, we would have fins...

:-) (Good news at the bottom.)

Today, I had the insane idea to go swimming. I rarely go swimming, mostly because I'm terrible at it. But, I wanted a different workout, and the idea of a heated pool sounded lovely on this cold morning.

I pre-fueld with a bowl of warm choco-pb oatmeal. This was about 2 hours before I left home.

Afterwards, I borrowed my roommate's car to run some errands. Bank, check! Post office, check check! Then, I hit the gym for some water laps, having completely forgotten why it had been so long since I'd been swimming at the gym.


Why I Don't Swim (at the Gym)

1. It's dirty. The entire time I'm swimming I have a million thoughts swimming in my head (pun intended): I wonder if someone peed in here? Does chlorine kill germs? Ew! Is that hair? Oh God, that's someone's hair on my arm. Ew ew ew.

2. I do not have appropriate swim-workout attire. At the end of every lap, I have to stop and adjust myself. Are the girls tucked in? Is my booty showing? Are my strings tied?

As you can see, my bathing suit is much more suitable for the beach than for actual swimming.

3. I'm a big floppy fish. The act of me swimming probably looks something like a frog swimming. I try to keep my legs in the correct position, but they tend to turn outward, like a frog. I splash like crazy the faster I swim, and if I'm sharing a lane, it's all but impossible. I'm like a big.floppy.fish. Yay fun.

4. I'm slightly anti-social at the gym. People irritate me. Okay, not you, my bloggy friends, but people at the gym irritate me. Here are a few Jasmine rules: Don't stare at me (even if I am swimming like a frog). Don't get in my way (frogs need lots of room). If you are also a big floppy fish, don't get in my lane. You already know you need lots of room. And, above all, if you are a guy, I'm so.not.interested. This is the gym, not a night club.

Obviously, I'm poking fun here. I realize lots of people LOVE to swim. More power to them. I realize there's alot of people who think the elliptical is the most boring thing in the world. I love it though. To each his/her own.

Atleast, I got my workout in for the day, right? :D When I got out of the gym, there was a message on my phone with GOOD NEWS. (Keep reading.)

After the gym, I came home and had leftovers. I was ravenous and didn't take pictures. However, it was the same as both lunch and dinner yesterday. I also had a banana for dessert.

I also decided to fire up the crockpot. I used frozen chicken tenderloins, yellow yukon potatoes and a couple cans of soup. I usually use carrots or celery in this recipe, but I don't have either. I'll serve green beans on the side tonight, though.

I bought this whole 5lb bag of yukon gold potatoes for 50 cents!!!

Yay for another easy supper!!!

Okay, now for the goodness... We got the apartment!!!!!!! I'm SO super duper excited. We go over there on Saturday to sign the papers. They also had a second unit come open, so we'll be checking out that location to see if we prefer it over the one we're getting. It's a second floor place. I kinda got used to the idea of the apartment we were getting. We'll see.

Thanks for all your good vibes! That stuff makes all the difference in the world! :D

And, guess what? I think our good friend, Jess, is also going to be renting a place in the same complex. How fun is that? It'll be like Friends! he he

Okay, off to work. Lots of stuff left to do today.

Do you like to swim? Is there an exercise that you just do NOT enjoy?


  1. Congrats on the apartment! That's fantastic news! :)

  2. Congratulations! Now you can start dreaming about how to arrange and decorate.

  3. I don't swim much because I'm afraid other people are urinating in there as much as I do. Ewwwww...

  4. I LOVE to swim! LOVE it! Just get in the groove, ignore everyone else and let your mind wander. The one kind of exercise I really don't like....hmmm.. probably the rowing machine. Hate sitting on my ass!

  5. Congrats on the apartment! And I have a love/hate relationship with swimming. Some days I love it and some days I hate it. I usually try to take advantage of the "love it" days.

  6. I've actually never swam as a form of exercise. Just not my thing, I guess? Although, maybe I shouldn't knock it til I try it ;) It just seems like a lot of effort to go through when I could much more easily jump on a treadmill, you know?

    Love your blog, by the way! I'll definitely be a follower =)

  7. I used to love swimming, but now I don't. It's just too much of a bother, and I feel uncomfortable and awkward in my bathing suit. And yeah, nobody goes to the gym to socialize...we're all sweaty and eager to get the work out over with! Haha!

    By the way, you are hilarious! Love your writing style!

  8. 50 cents? Woo! Congrats on the apartment -- that's wonderful!

    I hate swimming. A lot. I think it's SO hard!!

  9. Congrats on the apartment!
    I'm not a swimmer either for pretty much the exact same reasons you aren't! I have to sound like a germ-o-phobe (I'm really not I promise) but pools sort of gross me out

  10. Yay on the apartment!!! I know you'll love living by yourselves again!!

    I don't care for swimming. Pools are dirty and I DON'T GO IN THE OCEAN, or LAKES....EVER. I went to a waterpark with my kids on Friday and so I had to swim with them. I had the same thoughts you did the whole time, and also, OMG are my kids drowning? :) And also, it totally screwed up my hair. So I would totally skip the pool work out. Also, I don't like being around other adults in a swim suit!

  11. I love swimming, if I had a private pool of my own I'd swim every day. I hate gyms and most cardio like running, so do a few home workout dvds.


  12. Congrats on the apartment!

    And I hate to swim, too. But not just at a gym....anywhere. I hate being cold, putting my head under water, HAIR!!!!!!! Gross! *shiver* That being said, I am contemplating a swim with my daughter in a few weeks while my son is at hockey camp. I must be nuts.

  13. God, I can't swim, and I've tried, but I'm just about to give up. And LOL at your list. It's why I hate gyms, too. I don't want to have to deal with people while I'm trying to work on my figure, thank you. Heehee.


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