Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Day "Teaching" High School Students About Obesity

Like Father like Daughter...
(My dad is a retired teacher.)

So, today, I had a speaking engagement at a local high school. However, it was more like "teaching" because I did the same presentation in all five of the Health teacher's classes.

My presentation was called Obesity: Culture or Disease? We started out the class by calculating BMI. I taught them how to do the calculations and then I gave them some sample problems. The last one was my own BMI from when I weighed 343 pounds. It goes like this...

BMI = (Weight x 703) / (Height in Inches Squared)

Therefore, my BMI at 5 ft 1 and 343 pounds would equate to:

(343 x 703) / (61 x 61) = 64.8

Then, I had the kids find that number on the BMI chart, except the chart doesn't go up that high. I was literally "off the charts." Of course, then the kids all went, WOW!! OMG!!!

And, I then opened up my powerpoint with this picture

And, I said, this is that woman. This is me 5 years ago. Needless to say, they were floored, and they started to really pay attention. :)

We talked about gastric bypass and how it's only for the most dire of situations. We discussed the complications that can happen, and the difficulties. Then, we discussed "Fatness" as a culture.

I think they enjoyed it alot. I hope so, because I really did.

Anyway, it was a super fun/exhausting day, and I really hope to get to do it at other area schools. I loved it! It's amazing talking to people about what you're passionate about. :) 

My friend Lorena is coming over soon. I'm make Tofu Fajitas. I'll update you guys with dinner pictures tomorrow, because I'm completely pooped and barely have the energy to really make dinner.

See you tomorrow!

What are you passionate about? This is a question I asked some of the kids. It was really cool to hear all their different answers. I got answers like boxing, music, and gummi bears. :D


  1. Wow! It's so great that you can share your story with so many! I'm sure there were all captivated! You have an amazing story to tell! Good for you for raising awareness!

  2. It's so wonderful that you were able to share your story!

  3. You've come such a long way! I'm glad you could share such an inspirational story with the kids. Losing 200 pounds is no easy task! Most people can't manage 20!!!

  4. I would have loved to have been a student in your lecture. I would have needed it in high school too!
    Very eye-opening and insightful

  5. What a great presentation jasmine. You had me calculating my BMI right along with your post.
    I am passionate about growing my own food in the summer. Produce, I love it. The colours, the smells, textures, I will never tire of it.

  6. That great that you can share your story with high school kids.

    I am passionate about my kids. They are my life.

  7. Yay! I'm glad it went well :)

    I have a ton of things that I'm passionate kids, military families, animals....just to name a few. Gummi bears...that's a new one :)

  8. So cool Jasmine! I wish you were closer to me and you could come and talk to the kids at camp! You would be such an inspiration!

  9. i wish i could see those fajitas :( i'm not a huge tofu fan but i'd like to eat it a bit more. fajitas sounds like the perfect way to get it in!

  10. Those kids are so lucky to have you with them. Your story will surely be an inspiration to many. I'm happy for you.


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