Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overnight Oats = Really Full Belly

 Good morning World!!!

I had overnight oats this morning. I put them in the fridge in tuperware the night before with some milk. Then, when I get up (thus, the bed head), I zap them in the microwave. It's way too cold in the mornings for cold oatmeal.

And... voila! Served with a bit of Hubby's pecan cereal and PB.

On the agenda today is some serious catching up. I have some writing due, and a TON of writing to do after that because I've been working on the other stuff! Let's just say JMyers Inc. has a bit of a backlog right now. I worked until 10:30 last night with hubby helping with editing Gah! :) Yes, I secretly take great pleasure in the fact that my husband is willing to edit my work. How lucky am I? :D

 Last night's dinner was good, but not very photogenic. We call it White Castles. I use a pound of ground  turkey, a packet of dry onion soup mix, and a cup of water. Ryan usually makes a sandwich out of it, but I usually just use one piece of bread. More like "chipped beef and toast" style.

It's not the prettiest meal, but it tasted fantastic! Ryan always loves the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Ok, now I'm off to work like a crazy woman! :)

Do you work a normal 40 Hour week? Do you work more or less? Day shift? Night shift?


  1. Nummy food. I would love it if Hubbend would edit. Oh well. You are a lucky one. I hope the rest of the work gets done and you don't get an ulcer!

  2. mmm 40+ hours a week for me. i work more or less haha. does that make any sense? it depends on how much hiring we have to do. i'm busy but i think i've managed to find a happy medium with my work :)

  3. everytime i hear the word, 'whitecastle' i get all excited! we dont have that chain here in Canada - boo!

    i work around 50 hours a week, so time management is a must to get all house related stuff done.

  4. My dinners often look funny too, but they taste great! It doesn't always have to look good to taste good!

  5. I work a normal 40-hour workweek, day shift. I'm looking at trying to find better career opportunities, though, like one that would allow me to be more flexible with time.


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