Friday, February 12, 2010

Barley for Breakfast?!?

Just because it's made by Quaker does NOT make it a breakfast food...

Good morning!!!

Sorry I didn't blog last night. It was busy. My friend, Heather, was here until after 9 and then I had to do some editing with my hubby.

I'll jump all the way back to lunch, when I had leftovers of the Most Amazing Peanut Chicken ever. I wrapped it up in a whole wheat tortilla.

Hubby and I were supposed to go to the gym together. Instead, he dropped me off and went to run "errands." These "errands" were the kind he couldn't run with me and are most likely related to Valentine's Day, I'm guessing. ;)

Our friend, Heather, came over at 7, and we had Tilapia & Red Cabbage Tacos.

This was the first time I'd ever cooked red cabbage. It was SO good.

For some reason, Ryan didn't want to be in the picture.

Since I had a tortilla for lunch, I just broke a white corn tortilla over my "salad."

After dinner, Heather and I walked to the fro-yo place down the street. I swear I take everyone I know there. :)

Here's Heather taking a very exaggerated bite so you know how AMAZING this stuff is. :)

And, that was it for last night! This morning I had a weird breakfast. I wanted oatmeal, so I put my milk and water on the stove to heat before I realized I'm out of oats! Booooo.

So, I pulled out this box of Quick Barley I bought a while back to make Chicken-Barley Chili.

There's a reason it shows barley in soup on the front of this box. It really isn't much of a breakfast food. Though, it did look promising at first...

The barley completely absorbed the liquid.

So, I used a mug because all the bowls (and spoons) are in the dishwasher, getting clean as I write this. I added a little milk and some peanut butter to make it more breakfast-y.

And berries...

Ya... it was weird. I ate it though. he he... I guess it could be a breakfast food if you did something "savory" with it. Sweet, not so much. 

Today is a heavy writing day. I'll catch you guys later!

What is the strangest breakfast concoction you've had/made?


  1. I love the texture of barley! I've only ever eaten it in soup or in grain salads though

  2. People have said my egg and avocado on toast with tomato ketchup is a strange breakfast, it isn't when you taste it though :)


  3. Barley as a breakfast food? Well, I did drink a lot of beer for breakfast in college... ;)

  4. I've never had barley! It seems like such a great texture though! I've heard it's chewy. Is that right?

  5. That is funny about the barley :)
    Tilapia looks great...and love wraps :)

  6. LOVE tilapia tacos!!!

    Strangest breakfast... I usually go for oats or cereal... but I used to love to eat leftover spaghetti for breakfast :D

  7. Yum, tortillas. And I can't recall any strange breakfasts I have, but I always love having leftover Chinese for I suppose that's "strange"

  8. There are also breakfast quinoa recipes out there. I think you can probably use just about any grain in lieu of oatmeal. Yum.

  9. Tilapia and red cabbage = yum! I love tortilla and wraps.


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