Monday, February 8, 2010

Dinner for Lunch: Soyrizo & Broccoli Pasta

Lunch is the new dinner...

Happy Monday blogworld!

This morning, I started off with the usual...

I seem to prefer savory eats in the morning to sweet lately. I wake up and the last thing in the world I want is something ooey and gooey. I'm sure that will change, though.

My sammy took me straight through to lunch. I went through all my cabinets and the fridge and nothing lunch-ish looked good to me.

So... I made dinner...

Soyrizo & Broccoli Pasta

First, I browned the soyrizo crumbles in the skillet and added fresh broccoli.

Next, I got the pasta boiling and poured sauce into the skillet before my broccoli turned black.

Now, THAT's chunky sauce. Yum!

My "professional" shot. :)

The real deal.

It was so tasty!

Tonight, I told Ryan I'd go to the gym with him (instead of going by myself this morning), so it will be nice to have dinner already done. All that's left when we get home from the gym is to make a couple salads. Easy Monday night dinner!

Pasta dishes are a frequent on my blog because it's important that whatever I cook can stretch into two or three meals. What other dishes make good leftovers? Any suggestions?


  1. Soups are always great leftovers. They tend to just get better.

  2. black beans/chicken/corn = casserole :)
    Throw some salad toppings to or add more chicken/ground turkey the next day.

    I love your white chicken chili! lasts several days.

  3. I was going to say lasagna. Ooops--pasta!

    Like Heather said, soups are so easy to make and only get better. I love saving curries and stir fries. Whenever I cook, I try to make four portions so I can help my 'future self' with the leftovers. :-D

  4. Stuffed peppers work really well. i find they actually taste better the second day.

    Enchiladas are a good option too - i make mine with home made refried beans, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

  5. Ugh. I hate brocolli. I can't stand it in any form.

  6. I sometimes wake up craving savoury (hence my cheese on toast or eggs) then other days crave my oatmeal.
    Anything you can add to a salad makes a good leftover, rice dishes, meatballs, practically anything.


  7. Anything pasta makes good leftovers. Other than that though I don't really heart them. Normally we use the leftovers and 'change' them into something else. Like chicken chopped up into quesadillas or pasta, or mashed potatoes turned into potato pancakes for Colin. Mostly though....our animals eat the leftovers :)

  8. Oh...Chili is the BEST leftover!


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