Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch for Dinner

I love easy suppers...

Today, I did a very hard uphill 45 on the upright bike at the gym. Ryan ran on a treadmill behind me. It was the kind of workout that left me sore. My back, my thighs. I love it.

Nothing is better, after a tough workout, than coming home to an easy supper.

Thanks to my lunch-time handiwork, all I needed to do was chop up some romaine for salads and reheat the pasta.

My salad gets almonds.

He likes walnuts.

We decided to eat in the living room. He LOVES to eat on the couch, but I don't "let" him very often. :D

I'm very old fashioned. I really believe that it's important to eat dinner at the kitchen/dining room table. It was something we always did in my family, and I want to continue that tradition with my children.

We watched the Hornets-Magic game while we had dinner. I was rooting for Magic, considering we had enough of New Orleans yesterday. :p

Do you eat at the table or in front of the television?


  1. I eat breakfast at the table every morning, its peaceful to me. Otherwise I eat dinner in front of the tv since im single, and its my only time I watch tv :) 2 1/2 men baby! haha

  2. Mostly we eat in the living room, but at least once a week we've been trying to eat at the kitchen table. Even if it's homemade pizza night. It makes if feel more special and you really connect. We turn on music and end up just sitting and chatting long after meal is over.

  3. I love the idea of eating at the table!
    However I feel like this is easier to do when you're eating with someone else. A lot of times I eat on the couch in front of the computer because I'm working on stuff or just want to read blogs while I eat. I definitely should make a conscious effort to eat at the table more and be more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth.

    P.S. I think you inspired a salad for lunch! Yours looks so fresh!

  4. My mom has always insisted we eat at the dining table and always made it a point to turn the TV off when it's mealtime. She likes having all of us gather around the table as a family and I think it's a really nice tradition.

  5. We never eat in front of the TV...I feel like dinner should be family time. But when I am alone I have no problem eating with the TV on. I can't eat without multitasking!!

  6. We do both, although I feel kind of guilty when I eat in front of the TV. But definitely want my family dinners at the table!

  7. Mostly I eat at the dinner table, but I don't hate on myself if I eat in front of the TV now and again. I agree it's best to sit at the table, especially if you have a family. Family dinner time is really important!

    I also love easy food after a tough workout :-)

  8. Yes. We've discovered that none of us, kids included, like the whole family dinner thing. So normally the kids sit at the table (cause they would make a mess otherwise) and Colin and I sit on the couch....and we all watch TV cause it's pretty much the same room (open concept type thing).


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