Monday, February 1, 2010

Hubby in the Kitchen: Chicken & Mushrooms Spaghetti

The return of Hubby in the Kitchen...

That's right! He's back.

While he cooked dinner, I clipped coupons. I love coupons. What's better than saving money? Anything? Seriously, someone tell me.

I had some light chocolate Silk while waiting for dinner.

Ryan's Chicken & Mushrooms Spaghetti

-1/2 pound chicken, cut up in pieces
-1 green bell pepper
-1 box of chopped fresh mushrooms (we bought them cleaned and pre-sliced)
-Slices Onions (vile vegetables - I had to pick them out of my bowl)
-1 can pasta sauce
-1 small can diced tomatoes (ours were spicy w/lime)
-1 box whole grain spaghetti

Cook the chicken. In the same skillet, add in your veggies. Saute until tender. Add in sauce and tomatoes. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Add in pasta or serve over pasta. Done!

It was a great Hubby in the Kitchen. Hopefully this will become a regular affair again, especially now that I'm back in school.

Speaking of school, I wanted to tell you guys something funny that happened tonight.

So, I'm sitting in my chemistry class, which I REALLY hate. I'm sitting there watching the clock and thinking, "How does all this math crap at all relate to nutrition? When will I ever use this?"

At that exact moment, my teacher says, "I'm going to put an example on the board, and I want you guys to do it on your own."

The example started like this:

The recommended amount of sodium in the diet is 2400 mg per day...

I'll spare you the rest of the problem, but how's that for ironic? he he... That's what I get for questioning the educational system. Sigh...

Suggest a dish you'd like to see my hubby cook next week.


  1. Yay to Hubbys in the Kitchen! That pasta looks delicious! Great job, Ryan!

  2. I love coupons! The best part of going to my parents house is the Sunday LA Times that has a TON of ads/coupons! Sadly, I don't get any major news papers here so no coupons for me :(

  3. I want to see him make you a surprise light dessert for Valentines Day :)

  4. I'm a huge coupon clipper, too!

    Pasta looks freat. Love lotsa sauce!!

  5. That pasta sauce looks great!

    *note to self: get a husband who cooks!*

  6. about something low cal and healthy that is mexican food? Only cause I want some and can't find very many mexican dishes that aren't dripping in cheese and fat :)

    Good job Hubby in the Kitchen!!! It looks great!!

  7. All I can say is the food looks spectacular...but I was INCREDIBLY excited to see a brief glimpse of our picture on your FRIDGE! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Oh yum, chicken spaghetti sounds great!!!!

    How about... something with seafood?

  9. Mmmmm, that spaghetti just looks delicious.

    Why not try cooking something Asian? Would love to see that. ;)


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