Monday, February 15, 2010

Defining My Space

A writer needs a place to write...

Today was a very productive day, despite the fact that my house was rather chaotic. With President’s Day, both of my roommate’s kids were out of school. My little dining room is not exactly the most private space to attempt to keep an office space. It’s frustrating to say the least.

No problem, though! We move in April and I’ll have a whole room all to myself! I’m a writer, and as I grow older (and become more serious about my profession), my writing space becomes even more important. There was a time where I could write anywhere. I was younger, my world was smaller, and I had a lot less going on, I suppose. All that mental free space allowed me to crawl inside myself and be a “writer turtle,” as my ex-husband once called me.

Now, I really require a space that defines me. I have so many things in life competing for my attention: my husband, my cute little apartment (and its endless chores and small tasks), my friends… Not that it’s a bad thing, but these things definitely combine to make it harder to truly focus on the job at hand. Right now, writing my book is the number one goal in life for me. Hubby and I have put a lot at stake so I can MAKE IT HAPPEN. I suppose that’s what makes me so adamant about my writing space. It’s become my “real” office.

What about you? Do you have a special space in your home for whatever you’d call your passion? Where do you blog?

Food Stuffs…

Breakfast: Overnight Oats w/Vanilla Yogurt, PB, and Blackberries

Lunch: Leftover Veggie Patty Sub from Subway, Grape Tomatoes & Green Banana (my fav)

Dinner: Pork Chops, Salad, and Purple Cabbage and Quinoa Mix

Night night...


  1. Oh no! Don't tell me you ate that banana! It's so green!!!

  2. Really? A Green Banana? I don't like to eat them until they've got brown spots.

  3. My laptop is awesome. I love having a portable workspace. I drag this thing every where. I usually plug the laptop in the kitchen and use it for looking up recipes and writing down my experiements. I take it on our road trips and to coffee shops. My life would be very different without this hunk of plastic and microchips.

  4. I don't have a writing space; there's lots of places that work for me. I like exploring, and I think going to different spaces helps shake my writing up a bit, which is nice. I like parks, my bed, coffee shops, libraries, museums, etc.

  5. I don't have a real defined "me" space. It is where ever I can find some quiet. With 2 girls this changes daily...LOL!

    Those blackberries look amazing!!!

  6. I agree about the need for a space you can call your very own. And I think it's even more important to have that when you're a writer. Good luck on your book!

  7. I always blog on my couch. Not so much because it's the "me space" but because my apartment is tiny and there's nowhere else really! Ideally I'd have a cute little breakfast nook...

  8. Jasmine, your eats look great.
    I blog wherever...I try not to get attaached to having a "perfect" place...nothing is perfect for me :)
    I wish I could get the drive to write...and want to and have ideas in my head...but I sit...and nothing...or the ideas seem like they have "been done"...i dont want to force it...if i do it some time i do it ...
    wish i could get a writing job, or freelance or something :)
    i would love to write a book some day...but if/when that happens, it will be a long process for sure!
    what kind of book are u writing?

  9. Jasmine, have you ever read Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own? Your post reminded me of this book! Woolf writer that every woman deserves a room of her own for creativity.


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