Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Heart Apartment Shopping!!!

I think we found our first apartment that we'll live in ALL BY OURSELVES!!!

Hey guys!!!

I hope you've had an awesome Saturday. Today was both productive and fun!

Ryan and I hopped out of bed this morning and hit the gym. Afterwards, I made a fantastic breakfast sammy.

After breakfast, we lazed around. I ate lunch, but it was nothing special. I ate the leftover green beans from last night and a banana. Not much, but no worries... I got starbucks later, so that more than made up for that calorie deficit. :)

This afternoon, we had two appointments to look at apartments. Back when we first started living with our roommate, we looked at this great apartment complex. It didn't work out for the three of us, but we decided to go check it out again. Their prices were still as reasonable as they were back then, so Ryan and I were really excited to see them again.

The unit we saw isn't the one we'll get, but it gives you an idea. I'm so excited to have a place to ourselves! By the way, it was really dreary/rainy today, so that's why the pics look a bit dark.

These apartments are a great price (for California). The buildings surround this really pretty courtyard with a pool and real trees!!! (Not palm trees! Love it!)

This is the lady that showed us the place.

The pool has a cute little pool house that includes a fitness center.
I will definitely be putting that to good use.

The front of the actual unit we would be getting. I was really hoping for an upstairs unit, so we could enjoy the mountain view. They won't have one at the time we need it. Oh well. I guess I could just walk outside, right? :)

Living Room. This unit is an upstairs one, so the front door of ours
will actually be where the balcony is there.

Hallway toward kitchen/dining/master bedroom.


Okay, work with me here. A two bedroom in Cali probably costs more than your mortgage, so you have to sacrifice somewhere. Where we live now has an AMAZING kitchen, but we have someone helping us pay half the rent. On our own, we have to sacrifice new appliances, cabinetry and counters. Still, I think this is a very workable kitchen. I like the flow and the size. I actually love it. :)

Master. Very good size with wall-to-wall closets (Yes!).

Master Bath includes a shower only - this will be "Ryan's Bathroom."

Guest Bedroom - This will be my office and eventually a baby's room.

Guest Bath - Mine! :) See the tub?!? I'm so excited to have a tub.

So, that's the tour. We'll know on Tuesday if we get the place or not. Cross your fingers!

After we got back from the apartment shopping, I met up with a friend at the Living Room Cafe. I had their Eggs Plate, which is super duper cheap. It usually includes eggs, fried potatoes, fruit and wheat bread. I substituted salad for potatoes. The pic is on my blackberry, and I can't figure out how to get it off!!!

Do you like apartment shopping, or do you think it's a hassle?


  1. This apartment is so cute, Jasmine. I think the kitchen is spacious. Very lovely.

    I hope you get it!

  2. The apartment looks great and I think a few sacrifices for your own home alone and the "Baby room" (and the bath) is so worth it.
    I've never looked for a place of my own yet (I still live with my parents) but I do live a more independent life now. Who knows one day my bf and I will look for a place together ;)


  3. That kitchen has so much counter space! I'm jealous! I hope you guys get approved for the apartment.

    I like apartment shopping for a bit and then it gets a little old and I just want to be moved.

  4. Yea for apartment hunting! You are making me
    antsy to move.

    I'm so excited to get our own place. (We have been living with his mom since we finished Peace Corps.) I'm crossing my fingers one of us gets a job soon. I have a whole wish list in our next apartment:

    Must be located within walking distance of at least one of these
    a) work
    b) library
    c) grocery/co-op
    Downtown above a mainstreet shop would be ideal for me.

    Must have a decent kitchen.

    Must be moderately priced. (We need to work on paying off our loans and saving up for a down payment on a house.)

    Things I would like:
    Hard wood floors
    Vintage (pre 1950's) details or woodwork
    Northern light exposure and lots of windows.
    Decent modern bathroom
    Porch or balcony (I'd take good windows that let in a lot of light over a poarch anyday.)
    Clothes washer

  5. I hate apartment hunting. When I moved to Toronto my cousin/roomate and I spent only a day looking and picked the last one we saw (it did turn out to be really awesome). Every apartment that I saw before that I basically said, "this is fine, let's take it", just so I didn't have to look anymore.

    House shopping, on the other hand, was more fun. Maybe it's because I wasn't pressured to buy something.

  6. Awesome! Glad you guys found a place you liked. I think apartment shopping can be enjoyable with the right people. ;)


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