Sunday, February 7, 2010

If You have to Lose to Someone...

I'm glad it was the Saints... I guess...

We just watched the Colts lose the Superbowl. It sucked...

Today was a weird food day. I was on the run alot, but I did remember to snap a couple pics of the Superbowl food.

Nothing healthy was had really, although I did pre-game with some raw broccoli and hummus. That way I couldn't fit too much "naughty food" in my stomach. I had one chicken wing and two pieces of bread.

Sorry there weren't more pictures. We take sports very seriously around here. :)

Did you catch that halftime show? The Who?!? I really don't understand the thinking behind that. It was the most boring halftime show I've ever seen. I knew ONE song.

Ok... I'm going to go console my husband.

Do you enjoy sports? Did you watch the Superbowl?


  1. LOL- I am trying to peel my husband off the ceiling. He is so excited..I told him I must sleep tonight!

    Sorry to your hubbie :)

  2. No Superbowl here. Did you mean the band The Who? or were you asking Who was the band playing? Anyway my Dad loves The Who so I'm sure he would've loved that.


  3. I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year! I decided to have a lady like day with baking and reading instead :)

  4. Football stresses me out, never again lol

  5. I somehow managed to not watch the Superbowl yesterday. Which is probably a good thing, I don't think I could have handled watching the team I was routing for lose.

  6. wow jasmine, you did awesome with your superbowl eats... i on the otherhand didnt have that restraint :)

  7. I watched it but it was too disappointing. We didn't have super bowl food as we don't take it that seriously and we didn't all sit down and watch it. I watched it while doing accounting. My biggest problem is the boredom from being stuck in the house. It's really good that there isn't very many high calorie snacks in my house!

  8. Great post. I agree about The Who....just not the same as something new like Kings of Leon or the best obviously like Prince. Great pictures. By the way: I think your story is remarkable. You have a lot (a lot) to be proud of.

  9. I'm so proud of the Saints for winning. Nice to know you guys enjoyed your Sunday.

  10. Watched the game and the halftime show. As a great lover of classic rock, I actually enjoyed the show, but mostly I was excited about the stage and lack of teenage dancers on the field.

    Sorry about the loss...


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